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Give Out Girls
Created by Tony MacMurray
Hatty Ashdown
Written by Tony MacMurray
Hatty Ashdown
Directed by Chloe Thomas
Starring Diana Vickers
Kerry Howard
Cariad Lloyd
Miranda Hennessy
Tracy-Ann Oberman
Ben Bailey Smith
Alex Carter
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Kenton Allen
Robert Popper
Producer(s) Jim Poyser
Editor(s) Pete Drinkwater
Location(s) London, United Kingdom
Camera setup Laurie Rose
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Big Talk Productions
Original network Comedy Central
Original release 14 October (14 October) – 18 November 2014 (18 November 2014)

Give Out Girls is a British television comedy series created by Tony MacMurray and stand up comedian Hatty Ashdown.[1] It was originally meant to be broadcast on Sky Living but on 16 July 2014 it was announced that the show will now air on Comedy Central. It began broadcasting on 14 October 2014. On 13 August 2015, Kerry Howard announced on her Twitter account that the show would not return for a second series.


Give Out Girls is a sitcom about four girls (Zoe, Gemma, Marilyn and Poppy) who work in the world of promotions.[2]


Ashdown used her time spent as a promo girl as inspiration for the series. The series starts filming in and around Manchester in May 2013 and is distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide.[3]

The cast were announced in May 2013. Vickers released a statement saying "I'm so excited about doing my first comedy show. It's different to any acting I've done before. The script is hilarious, I was laughing my head off just reading it. The rest of the cast are great, we all have really good chemistry. I can't wait to get in front of the camera and start filming!"[4]



No. in
No. in
Title Air Date
1 1 "The Spanish Job" 14 October 2014
Debbie and Steve's business are hired to promote a new alcohol with the opportunity for the best sales girl to win a business trip to Spain. Marilyn, while attempting to prove she is the best employee accidentally flashes Steve, causing Steve to file a sexual harassment claim against her, much to the disbelief of Marilyn. Meanwhile, Poppy realises she has feelings for Andy. Marilyn attempts to match the pair, but finds Andy thinks Poppy is an 'under-coat' (a girl you would hide under your coat as you leave a bar). A company representative for the drink arrives, and advises Marilyn she will be picked for the trip. However Marilyn offends the woman by mistaking a mole as a piece of food, with Gemma ultimately being chosen to go to Spain. However after Debbie mocks the disabled and Steve sexually harasses the representative she decides that no one will win the trip and severs connection with the business. Later at a bar, Poppy and Andy decide to be just friends, however after multiple drinks make out and leave together, while Marilyn is hit on by an unattractive man whom she leaves with under her coat.
2 2 "The Hot Boy" 21 October 2014
While promoting hair extensions in a mall, Marilyn notices a hot model taking part in a wedding convention. With encouragement from the other girls, Marilyn talks to the model, eventually being invited to partake in the wedding catwalk where she makes out with him. Marilyn brags about her new relationship, but is horrified to find that the boy is only 15. She attempts to hide his age from the rest of the group, however the boy becomes heavily intoxicated and declares his love for Marilyn before urinating himself on the catwalk. The others discover the boy's age and Marilyn is left embarrassed. Meanwhile, Poppy, Gemma and Zoe fill in the forms to win a spa weekend from Debbie's company instead of handing them out. When Debbie discovers this she fires all three girls. However, after Debbie insults a deaf customer the girls cover for Debbie and win back their jobs.
3 3 "Hungry and Homeless" 28 October 2014
While promoting a new snack bar, Poppy encounters a homeless man that she instantly falls for. She hides the man in a nut costume and sneaks around with him the whole day. When the man swears to get a job and turn his life around, Poppy loses interest before Debbie eventually takes the man into the toilet with her, believing it to be Zoe in the costume. Upon realising it's not Zoe Debbie attacks the giant nut, gathering a large crowd. Meanwhile, Zoe informs Marilyn of a voluntary test which pays £1000. Marilyn is keen to take part, but realises she has to lose a pound of weight by the end of the day to take part. With the help of Gemma, Marilyn refrains from eating all day, but after donating blood to lose weight, she passes out and is rushed to hospital. In an attempt to prove that Steve isn't his boss, Andy eats a nut bar, despite being allergic, and is also rushed to hospital.


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