Give and Tyke

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Give and Tyke
Spike and Tyke series
Give tyke.jpg
Directed by William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Produced by William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Story by Homer Brightman
Music by Scott Bradley
Animation by Bill Schipek
Lewis Marshall
Herman Cohen
Kenneth Muse
Carlo Vinci
Layouts by Dick Bickenbach
Backgrounds by Don Driscoll
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s) March 29, 1957 (1957-03-29)
Color process Technicolor
Language English
Followed by Scat Cats

Give and Tyke (1957) is the first of two Spike and Tyke cartoons in a spin-off for Tom and Jerry. The title is a pun on "give and take".


The cartoon begins with a stray dog (whose voice resembles Art Carney's portrayal of Ed Norton from The Honeymooners), is humming the theme song of Tom and Jerry. He stops and gets a bone and a newspaper from the trash can; he then sits down and he uses his newspaper as his napkin. When he reads it, he becomes horrified upon seeing the headline: "LAST DAY FOR DOG LICENSES! DOGS WITHOUT TAGS TO BE LOCKED UP IN CITY POUND.". He sees the city pound truck passing by the alley, but the driver sees him. Panicking, he disguises himself to be a lamp and the truck leaves. The stray needed a place to hide, and lo and behold, it is Spike and Tyke's home. He looks into the yard through the hole in the fence, where he sees a sleeping Spike with his dog license. He digs inside and looks around, and sees Spike on his head and immediately ducks back down and digs his way into Spike's doghouse. He then tip-toes to Spike and tries to remove his license, only to succeed in waking him up. The stray dog quickly hides behind the doghouse. Spike looks around, then goes back to sleep. Though the stray dog couldn't remove Spike's collar, he decides Tyke's collar is the next best thing; as soon as he sees Tyke leave his doghouse and go to sleep, he quickly snatches it.

Dirty deed done, the stray is about to leave, but Spike wakes up again and bars his exit. While Tyke is still asleep, he demands to know why the stray dog stole his collar; he shows Spike the article. While Spike is reading the article, this gives the stray dog a head start to escape. Angry Spike gives chase, but his fit of rage accidentally awakens Tyke, who is then nabbed by the dog catcher. Not wanting his son to end up in the pound, Spike gives him his collar, and the dog catcher subsequently chases him while he tries to recover his stolen collar from the stray dog. Spike takes back his stolen collar from the stray dog, and the dog catcher subsequently chases the stray, but then, the stray steals Tyke's color, and the dog catcher subsequently chases him. Spike gives Tyke his collar and demands that the dog catcher chase him instead, at which point the chase is on to get the collar back from the stray again. Spike outruns the dog catcher by ducking behind a tree, at which point he sees the stray dog coming his way. He trips him up and takes back his collar, but the stray gets back up and snatches the collar off again. The dog catcher catches Spike, but Spike breaks his net, claiming that he still has his dog license with him, but the dog catcher holds up a mirror in front of him, showing him otherwise. The chase is on once again. Spike outruns the dog catcher again by hiding up a tree. Spike comes back down and when Tyke comes by, he tells him not to make any noise so the dog catcher doesn't hear them. Spike takes Tyke's collar so he could avoid letting the dog catcher capture him while he tries to retrieve his collar from the stray dog, and tells him not to leave the yard.

Spike finally catches up with the stray dog, hitting him with some trash can lids. The stray dog grabs a stick and tries to trick Spike with a game of fetch. The dog jumps the fence, but Spike grabs him through the hole, at which point the dog fools him again and orders Spike to roll himself to the manhole. Spike emerges from the storm drain and finally catches him, but Tyke has been caught by the dog catcher and is on his way to the pound. Spike demands that he should go instead of him; he gives him his collar and bids him farewell. Feeling guilty about his crime and feeling bad that Tyke is about to lose his father, the stray dog agrees to turn himself in and return Spike's collar. As soon as the dog catcher lets Spike out, the stray dog starts the truck's engine and drives off in it, tearing the rear doors off its hinges. Spike and Tyke are happily reunited while the dog catcher angrily chases the stray dog driving his stolen truck.


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