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Giza Studio
ギザ ステューディオ
Parent company Being Inc.
Founded September 1, 1998 (Japan)
2001 (United States)
Status Active
Distributor(s) Self-distributed
Genre Pop, rock
Country of origin  Japan
Location Osaka, Japan
Los Angeles, California, U.S
Official website Giza studio website

Giza Studio (ギザ ステューディオ Giza Suteyudio?) is a Japanese record label.

It started as an indie label in the early 1990s under the name Garage Indies Zapping Association, but soon Being Inc. bought it as their sister label company. Giza Studio is located in Osaka, Japan and has been producing successful artists such as Mai Kuraki, Garnet Crow, Rina Aiuchi, etc. since their commercial service on September 1, 1998. Along with other Being Group's sister labels (Zain Records, Rooms Records, B-Gram Records, BMFC, Vermillion Records and Northern Music), the studio's main task is to create music productivity by hiring talented artists, composers and engineers. The label's creative design (such as CD-jacket, photography, cinematography) is handled by Mod's House, while J-Disc is in charge of all the distribution and promotion of the sales.

Giza's artists have their songs made opening and ending themes frequently for anime like Meitantei Conan and Tantei Gakuen Q.

Sub-labels include D-Go (rock music) and Giza Jazz (jazz). It also owns an indie imprint, Tent House.



Name of artist Debut year
Marie Ueda (植田真梨恵) 2014
Caos Caos Caos 2011
Chicago Poodle 2009
Doa 2004
d-project 2016


Name of artist Debut year
Sensation 2012
ssllee 2012

Giza Jazz / O-town Jazz[edit]

Name of artist Debut year
Natsuki Morikawa (森川七月) 2006
Yuki Okazaki (岡崎雪) 2009
Aoki Hikari (青紀ひかり) 2004

Former Artists[edit]

Name of artist Active years Note
GRASS ARC. 1998-2000 hiatus
Sweet Velvet 1998-2001 disbanded
Rumania Montevideo 1999-2002 hiatus
New Cinema Tokage (New Cinema蜥蜴) 1999-2002 disbanded
JASON ZODIAC 1999-2002 hiatus
WAG 1999-2006 disbanded
Mai Kuraki (倉木麻衣) 1999-2007 moved to Northern Music (label under Being Inc.)
Miho Komatsu (小松未歩) 1999-2009 came from Amemura O-town Record in 1998, retired
Nothin' but love 2000-2002 disband
Soul Crusaders 2000-2002 disband
Chika Yoshida (吉田知加) 2000-2002 contract with studio ended
Ramjet Pulley 2000-2003 hiatus
Rina Aiuchi (愛内里菜) 2000-2010 retired
Garnet Crow 2000-2013 disbanded
Mika Hase (長谷実果) 2001-2002 since 2013 in indies label "MLP records" as Mika
Les MAUVAIS GARÇONNES 2001-2002 end music activities
Miki Matsuhashi (松橋未樹) 2001-2003 hiatus
Hikari Yamaguchi (山口裕加里) 2001-2004 retired
the★tambourines 2001-2009 hiatus
Azumi Uehara (上原あずみ) 2001-2010 expulsed due to breach of contract
Gulliver Get 2001-2011 disbanded
Yumi Shizukusa (滴草由実) 2002-2006 moved to Northern Music (a label under Being Inc.)
Akane Sugazaki (菅崎茜) 2002-2007 retired
U-ka Saegusa in dB (三枝夕夏 IN db) 2002-2010 disbanded with the retirement of vocalist U-ka Saegusa
Aiko Kitahara (北原愛子) 2002-2011 retired
Shiori Takei (竹井詩織里) 2003-2008 contract with studio ended
Hayami Kishimoto (岸本早未) 2003-2008 retired
Ai Takaoka (高岡亜衣) 2003-2009 retired
Sayuri Iwata (岩田さゆり) 2005-2008 retired, now working as actress
OOM 2005-2009 hiatus
Hiromi Haneda (羽田裕美) 2005-2012 hiatus
Nilo Koizumi (小泉ニロ) 2007-2009 since 2010 independently as Nilo in Germany
Naifu 2007-2009 disbanded
Emi Hayakawa (早川えみ) 2007-2010 hiatus
Hazuki Morita (森田葉月) 2006-2009 nowadays as solo under name Tsugume
Aya Kamiki (上木彩矢) 2006-2009 moved to Avex Trax
Akane Nakajima (中島紅音) 2007-2011 nowadays performs independently
Kaori Hirata (平田香織) 2008-2009 hiatus
PINC INC 2008-2009 disbanded
Saasa (さぁさ) 2008-2012 nowadays performs independently
Sayo Kurihara (栗原小夜) 2009-2010 unknown
grram 2010-2015 disbanded
Natsuiro (なついろ) 2012-2016 hiatus
WAR-ED 2014-2015 disbanded

Composers and arrangers[edit]

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