Ghizil-Agaj State Reserve

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Birds of Ghizil-Agaj State Reserve

Qizil-Aghaj State Reserve or Qızılağac State Reserve, meaning golden tree, was established on an area of 884 km² on Kyzylagach Bay at the southwestern shore of the Caspian Sea, in Lankaran District, southeastern Azerbaijan.

It was created for the purpose of protecting, creating conditions for wintering and nesting of migrant, swamp and wild birds in 1929.[1]

The reserve was included on the list of UNESCO Ramseur convention "On internationally important swampy areas as the birds' residing places" together with Ag-Gel National Park. The most species of birds included into the Red Book of Azerbaijan are found in the reserve and adjacent areas. The reserve accounts for 248 species of birds. Such mammals as wild boar, wolf, wild cat, badger, sable, fox, etc. populate this reserve. There are 54 fish species in the water basins of this reserve.[1]

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Coordinates: 39°06′06″N 49°00′55″E / 39.10167°N 49.01528°E / 39.10167; 49.01528