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Mali i Gjallicës Refleksion..JPG
Highest point
Elevation 2,480 m (8,140 ft)
Coordinates 42°00′42″N 20°28′11″E / 42.01167°N 20.46972°E / 42.01167; 20.46972Coordinates: 42°00′42″N 20°28′11″E / 42.01167°N 20.46972°E / 42.01167; 20.46972
Gjallica is located in Albania
Parent range Dinaric Alps

Gjallica (or Gjalica) is the highest mountain (2,489 m (8,166 ft)) in the region of Kukës, Albania, part of the Dinaric Alps.[1] It lies 8 km (5 mi) southeast of the city of Kukës, having a cap covered by snow up to june when the winters are cold and snowy. It has thick vegetation of pines and beeches on high altitude, but sparse vegetation on the foot of the mountain due to the now closed plant that emitted harmful gases for the vegetation close to it. Gjallica appears to be very tall because the Black Drin valley to its west is only 250 m (820 ft) above sea level.[2]


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