Gjon Muzaka

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Gjon Muzaka
sons Theodore, Adrian and Constantine
Full name
Gjon Gjin Muzaka
Noble family Muzaka family
Father Gjin Muzaka
Died 1515 or later

Gjon Muzaka (fl. 1510; Italian: Giovanni Musachi di Berat ) was an Albanian nobleman from the Muzaka family, that has historically ruled in the Myzeqe region, Albania.[1] In 1510 he wrote a Breve memoria de li discendenti de nostra casa Musachi (Short memoir on the descendents of our Myzeqe lineage). The work was published in Karl Hopf's Chroniques gréco-romaines, Paris 1873, p. 270-340.[2]

According to his memoirs, Gjon's father died before Ottomans captured Berat in 1417.


His name is mentioned in sources in several different versions, like John, Giovanni[3] Ivan,[4] and Jovan.[5]


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