Gjon Muzaka

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Gjon Muzaka
sons Theodore, Adrian and Constantine
Full name
Gjon Gjin Muzaka
Noble family Muzaka family
Father Gjin Muzaka
Died 1515 or later

Gjon Muzaka (fl. 1510; Italian: Giovanni Musachi) was an Albanian nobleman from the Muzaka family, that has historically ruled in the Myzeqe region, Albania.[1] In 1510 he wrote a Breve memoria de li discendenti de nostra casa Musachi (Short memoir on the descendents of our Myzeqe lineage). The work was published in Karl Hopf's Chroniques gréco-romaines, Paris 1873, p. 270-340.[2]

According to his memoirs, which are not completely reliable primary source, Gjon's father died before Ottomans captured Berat in 1417.


His name is mentioned in sources in several different versions, like John, Giovanni[3] Ivan,[4] and Jovan.[5]


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