Glåmdal District Court

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Hedmark county and its court districts; Glåmdal in green.

Glåmdal District Court (Norwegian: Glåmdal tingrett) is the district court serving the municipalities Kongsvinger, Eidskog, Sør-Odal, Nord-Odal, and Grue in Norway.

Kongsvinger and Eidskog belong to the district Vinger, and Sør-Odal and Nord-Odal to the district Odal. They formed a district court of their own, Vinger and Odal District Court, until 2006, when it was renamed and Grue was transferred from the now-defunct Solør District Court. The two entities (Solør on one hand, Vinger and Odal on the other) had been created in 1847, when Solør og Odalen District Court was split in two.[1]

The court itself is located in Kongsvinger.[2] Cases may be appealed to Eidsivating Court of Appeal.


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