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Glør Thorvald Mejdell (29 May 1851 – 24 November 1937) was a Norwegian barrister, judge and political writer.

He was born in Kongsberg[1] as a son of mining engineer Nicolai Mejdell (1822–1899), nephew of forester Thorvald Mejdell and grandnephew of officer Jacob Gerhard Meydell.[2] He finished his secondary education in 1868, took the cand.jur. degree in law in 1871, started a career as a lawyer and in 1878 he became a barrister with access to work with Supreme Court cases. From 1879 he was a partner in the law firm Mejdell & Heyerdahl. He was also a board member in the Auditor-General's office from 1889 to 1903, acting Supreme Court Assessor in 1892, extraordinary Assessor from 1899 to 1909 and ordinary Assessor from 1909 to 1921.[1]

In the 1870s he got a reputation for being "the attorney of lower-class people" (småfolks sakfører). He was a board member of Kristiania Arbeidersamfund from 1876 to 1878, and started the radical weekly magazine For By og Land in 1876.[3] The magazine became defunct the next year. Mejdell wrote for the newspapers Dagbladet and Verdens Gang,[4] but later shifted considerably to the conservative and libertarian side.[3] writing for Aftenposten and Farmand.[4] He was active as a debater in the years around 1884 and the Impeachment case against Selmer's Cabinet.[1] He issued three one-off publications which described his political views: Tro in volumes 1-4 in 1901 and 1902, Politik. Et valgmanifest in 1903 and Fremtiden her i Landet in 1908.[4] Other publications are Tankevirksomhedens Love (1877), Om Grundlovens § 112 (1881) and the English-language Independence (1890), in a language he could write but not speak.[1] His political views and ideas have been extensively outlined in Ulf Torgersen's stencil G. Th. Mejdell. En undersøkelse av liberalistisk elitetro and Jostein Nerbøvik's book Antaparlamentariske straumdrag i Noreg 1905–1914.[5]

Mejdell was married to his first cousin Thora Cathrine Sinding (1850–1932), a daughter of Matthias Wilhelm Sinding and sister of Christian, Otto and Stephan Sinding. He died in November 1937 at Nesodden.[1]


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