Laguna Glaciar

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Laguna Glaciar
Laguna Glaciar Bolivia.png
Laguna Glaciar is located in Bolivia
Laguna Glaciar
Laguna Glaciar
LocationLarecaja Province, La Paz Department
Coordinates15°49′49″S 68°33′44″W / 15.83028°S 68.56222°W / -15.83028; -68.56222Coordinates: 15°49′49″S 68°33′44″W / 15.83028°S 68.56222°W / -15.83028; -68.56222
Basin countriesBolivia
Surface area0.2 km2 (0.077 sq mi)
Surface elevation5,038 m (16,529 ft)

Laguna Glaciar (Spanish for "glacial lake") is a lake in the Larecaja Province, La Paz Department, Bolivia. It located in the Illampu - Janq'u Uma massif. Its surface area is 0.2 km². At an elevation of 5,038 m, it is the 19th highest lake in the world.[1]


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