Glacier, British Columbia

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Glacier railway station
Location Glacier National Park of Canada, Glacier, British Columbia
Line(s) Canadian Pacific Railway
Opened 1916

Glacier is a railway whistlestop and locality near the summit of the Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada. Just east of the still-existing Canadian Pacific Railway station building at Glacier (and just inside the western portal of the Connaught Tunnel completed in 1916) is the current summit of the railway. There are a hotel, restaurant and service station nearby at the summit of the Trans Canada highway, just east of Glacier. There are no permanent residents.

The building, now disused as a passenger terminal, is a log building built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1916. The Glacier station provides facilities for the once double-tracked Connaught Tunnel. (The line through the Connaught tunnel consisted of double track as-built but was converted to single track in 1959.)[1] This station is no longer used as a passenger station.

The building was designated a national heritage railway station in 1992.[2]


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Coordinates: 51°16′01″N 117°31′01″W / 51.267°N 117.517°W / 51.267; -117.517