Gladiators: Springbok Challenge 2

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Gladiators: Springbok Challenge
Starring Glenn Hicks
Ursula Stapelfeldt
Country of origin South Africa
No. of episodes 11
Original network SABC 3
Original release 20 March (2000-03-20) – 3 July 2000 (2000-07-03)
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Season 1 (1998)

Gladiators: Springbok Challenge 2 was the second Springbok Challenge series for South African Gladiators and UK Gladiators.


United Kingdom[edit]

  • Pauline Shirt — Series 7 quarter-finalist
  • Louise Land
  • Louise Raines — Series 7 runner-up
  • Andreya Wharry† — Series 5 champion and Springbok Challenge 1 champion
  • Maria Ward1 — Series 7 semi-finalist
  • Trudi Ballentine — Series 7 semi-finalist
  • Phil Norman — Series 2 champion
  • Mick Jones
  • Dave Walter — Series 7 and 8 champion
  • Mark Everitt† — Series 4 champion
  • Neil Parsley — Series 7 runner-up
  • Gary Johnson

South Africa[edit]

  • Kirsten Meyer
  • Marelize Le Roux
  • Marna Dipenaar
  • Tammy Le Roux
  • Nivea Sekele
  • Nicky Seger
  • Michael Toll
  • Jason Van Der Walt
  • Charles Steenkamp
  • Shilo Bunce
  • Remington Minkhawile
  • Juan Pretorius

†Overall Series Winner

  • 1 Ward replaced Pauline Shirt after she was injured during Hang Tough in her preliminary heat


United Kingdom[edit]

1 Notably, Gold had not competed in domestic British competition since Series 6, some three years before the series was filmed. Her brother, Jason, also appeared as a contender for the South African team.

South Africa[edit]

  • Force — Joanne Rossi
  • Fire — Magdalena Wysoczanska
  • Ice — Marion Hind
  • Lightning — Rene Roberts Patel
  • Nightshade — Nelly Mokohoana
  • Sahara — Christy Skoglund
  • Thunder — Jade Russell
  • Blade — Clint Walters
  • Giant — Matthew Haldenby
  • Granite — Garth Collins
  • Spider — Sergio Capellino
  • Tusk — Shannon Gaskin
  • Warrior — Franco Kawaza
  • Wildebeest — Andries Coetzee


  • Atlaspheres — The MTN version of Atlaspheres follows a different format to the original. Five giant bowling pins are positioned across the arena. The contender has 60 seconds to knock as many of the pins down as possible whilst the Gladiator tries to prevent them from scoring. The contender can only move in a circular motion, and once a pin is missed, they cannot go back for it. Each pin is worth 3 points.
  • Duel — This event follows the same rules as the original incarnation.
  • Hang Tough — This event follows the same rules as the original incarnation.
  • Hit and Run — Known as the Demolition Run, this event follows the same rules as the original incarnation.
  • Suspension Bridge — This event follows the same rules as the original incarnation.
  • The Wall — Known as the MTN Mountain, this event follows the same rules as the original incarnation.

Competition results[edit]

Bold indicates the winner of each competition. Like the Australian series, only four events are played in each episode prior to the Eliminator.

Show Number Contenders Events played (excluding Eliminator) Date of original transmission
Heat 1 Kirsten Meyer (RSA) v Pauline Shirt/Maria Ward (GBR)
Phil Norman (GBR) v Michael Toll (RSA)
Hit & Run (Demolition Run), Duel, Hang Tough, Atlaspheres
 ? Mark Everitt (GBR) v Shilo Bunce (RSA) The Wall (MTN Mountain),
 ? Marelize Le Roux (RSA) v Louise Land (GBR) Suspension Bridge,
Final  ? v Andrea Wharry (GBR)
 ? v Mark Everitt (GBR)