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Glamorgan County Council was established in 1889 together with the administrative county of Glamorganshire under the Local Government Act 1888. The first elections to the council were held in January 1889. The county was abolished under the Local Government Act 1972 on 1 April 1974. It was replaced by the three counties of Mid Glamorgan, South Glamorgan and West Glamorgan (and their respective elected bodies).

The First Council, 1889-92[edit]

The first meeting of the Council was held at the Gwyn Hall in Neath and Sir Hussey Vivian MP elected to the chair.[1] The Liberal group did agree on a list of aldermen before hand but they were not as cohesive as in other counties in using a block vote.

One of the main debates related to the venue for meetings, with the claims of Neath and Pontypridd being most prominent. The Bridgend Local Board of Health had petitioned Lord Dunraven to lobby for that town to be considered.[2] The matter was resolved for the time being at the first statutory meeting, held at Pontypridd on 1 April where it was decided that the meetings be held alternately at Pontypridd and Neath, with the claims of Cardiff being rejected.[3]

At this meeting also, the chairman of the Council, Sir Hussey Vivian, paid tribute to the magistrates for their past conduct of county business. Although not a representative body, he stated, they had conducted their work honourably and he hoped that the Council 'would be able in future to conduct the business of the county in as complete and perfect a manner as it had been conducted hitherto by the magistrates.'[3]

The 1892-95 Council[edit]

In contrast to the fist Council which included no working men, a number were elected to the second council.

The 1892-95 Council[edit]

Lord Swansea having recently died, the Liberal group were divided on a successor as chairman of the Council. J. Blandy Jenkins defeated Arthur Pendarves Vivian by 31 votes to 30.

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