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Cliffs and beach near Southerndown

The Glamorgan Heritage Coast is a 14-mile (23 km) stretch of coastline in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK.

Glamorgan Heritage Coast location
View from Nash Point cliff

The Glamorgan Heritage Coast lies between Ogmore-by-Sea and St Athan (with Nash Point at its midpoint) on the South Wales coast. There is a Heritage Coast Centre located at Dunraven Park, Southerndown, at the western end of the coast, providing an information point and education centre.[1]

The coast includes the Southerndown Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest at its heart, a 3.1-mile (5.0 km) section from Ogmore-by-Sea, particularly interesting for its exposed Triassic alluvial fan deposits of carboniferous limestone.[2] There is an Iron Age promontory fort (as well as a 19th-century lighthouse) at Nash Point and an ancient cairn or cromlech at Cwm Marcross.[3]

The stretch of coast made the news in 2014 when coastal erosion left a towering stack of limestone "about five times the height of a house" separated from the main cliffs near Dunraven Bay.[4]

In 2016 four large sculptures were to be created by artist Howard Bowcott, to be placed at strategic points along the coastline.[5]

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