Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

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Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
LGATasmania Glamorgan.png
Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
Coordinates 42°15′36″S 147°58′12″E / 42.26000°S 147.97000°E / -42.26000; 147.97000Coordinates: 42°15′36″S 147°58′12″E / 42.26000°S 147.97000°E / -42.26000; 147.97000
Population 4,493 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 1.7815/km2 (4.6141/sq mi)
Area 2,522 km2 (973.7 sq mi)
Mayor Michael Kent
Council seat Swansea
Region Southern East coast
State electorate(s) Lyons
Federal Division(s) Lyons
Website Glamorgan Spring Bay Council
LGAs around Glamorgan Spring Bay Council:
Northern Midlands Break O'Day Tasman Sea
Northern Midlands Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Tasman Sea
Southern Midlands Sorell Tasman Sea

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Council or Municipality of Glamorgan Spring Bay covers the southern east coast of Tasmania, Australia. It includes the towns of Swansea, Orford, Triabunna and Coles Bay, as well as the national parks at Maria Island and the Freycinet Peninsula.

The council gets its name from the region of Glamorgan in Wales.


Suburb Census Population 2011 Reason
Bicheno 853 Includes Llandaff, Friendly Beaches
Llandaff Incl. in Bicheno
Friendly Beaches Incl. in Bicheno
Coles Bay 305
Dolphin Sands 278 Includes Apslawn, Cranbrook
Swansea 771
Rocky Hills Incl. in Little Swanport
Ponty Pool Incl. in Little Swanport
Little Swanport 188 Includes Rocky Hills, Ponty Pool, Ravendale
Ravendale Incl. in Little Swanport
Spring Bay Incl. in Spring Beach
Triabunna 895 Includes Double Creek, Louisville
Double Creek 195 Incl. in Triabunna
Louisville Incl. in Triabunna
Orford 518
Shelley Beach Incl. in Orford
Spring Beach 358 Includes Spring Bay, Rheban, Buckland
Rheban Incl. in Spring Beach
Buckland Incl. in Spring Beach
Cranbrook Incl. in Dolphin Sands
Apslawn Incl. in Dolphin Sands
Local Government Total 4,190 Gazetted Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Local Government Area


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