Glan (river)

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Sankt Veit Unterglandorf Steinerne Bruecke 26052007 06.jpg
St John of Nepomuk Bridge in Sankt Veit
Country Austria
Basin features
Main source Ossiacher Tauern near Techelsberg
River mouth Gurk River

The Glan (Slovene: Glina) is a river in Carinthia, Austria, a right tributary of the Gurk.

It rises north of the Wörthersee in the Ossiacher Tauern mountains, then running through Feldkirchen, going northeastwards passing Glanegg Castle until it reaches Sankt Veit where it bends sharply towards south. It flows through the Zollfeld Valley, the historical heart of the Carinthian duchy, and through Klagenfurt, the state capital. At Ebenthal southeast of Klagenfurt is the confluence with the Glanfurt River, the Glan bends eastwards and finally flows into the Gurk River.

It was first mentioned as Glana in a deed of donation issued by Emperor Otto II at the 983 Reichstag in Verona.[1] The name derives from Celtic (Noric) glanos meaning "bright, clear", cf. Glanis, Glanum, Glen and English "clean".


Coordinates: 46°36′12″N 14°25′28″E / 46.6033°N 14.4245°E / 46.6033; 14.4245