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Klagenfurt Glanfurt 17082007 01.jpg
Glanfurt near Klagenfurt
Country Austria
Basin features
Main source Wörthersee
River mouth Glan River

The Glanfurt River is the outflow of the Wörthersee in Austria, also called Sattnitz by the Carinthian people. It starts at the lake's eastern bay, south of the peninsula Maria Loretto and runs more like a channel straight to the east. It passes Viktring Abbey, an old monastery which is now a suburb of Carinthia's capital Klagenfurt, and finally flows into the Glan River near the market town of Ebenthal. In summer it is the southern recreation area of Klagenfurt with a number of opportunities for free bathing and a bicycle track along the river.

The river was to become a national borderline following the Paris Peace Conference, 1919,[1] which then had not been established according to the results of the 1920 Carinthian Plebiscite.


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Coordinates: 46°36′49″N 14°15′5″E / 46.61361°N 14.25139°E / 46.61361; 14.25139