Glas Slavonije

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Glas Slavonije
Glas Slavonije Logo.svg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Publisher Glas Slavonije d.d.
Editor Damir Gregorović
Founded 4 January 1920 (foundation of Hrvatski list)
Language Croatian
Headquarters Hrvatske Republike 20,
Osijek, Croatia
ISSN 0350-3968

Glas Slavonije (English: The Voice of Slavonia) is a Croatian daily newspaper published in Osijek. In 2000, its average daily circulation was c. 9000, making it the 7th largest daily newspaper in Croatia.[1]


It is considered that Glas Slavonije is successor of Hrvatski list, newspapers from Osijek, that have existed since 1920 to 1945.

The first issue of Glas Slavonije was published in 1943.


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