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Glasair Aviation USA, LLC
Industry Aerospace
Founded 1979
Founder Tom Hamilton
Headquarters Arlington, Washington
Products Homebuilt aircraft kits
Owner Jilin Hanxing Group
Glasair Glastar, built 2002
Glasair Merlin LSA

Glasair Aviation USA, LLC is a Chinese-owned aircraft manufacturer based in Arlington, Washington that produces the Glasair and Sportsman 2+2 line of homebuilt aircraft.


Tom Hamilton began flight testing the Glasair TD and founded Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft in 1979. Glasair Aviation was formed in 2001 when Thomas W. Wathen purchased the Glasair assets from bankrupt Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft, Inc. and signed an agreement with Arlington Aircraft Development, Inc. (AADI) to buy all rights to and assets of the GlaStar model. The new companies New Glasair, LLC and New GlaStar, LLC are marketed under the Glasair Aviation name.[1][2] More than 3000 Glasair kits have been delivered worldwide.

In July 2012 the company was sold to the Jilin Hanxing Group of China, who formed a new company Glasair Aircraft USA, LLC. Jilin Hanxing Group indicated that they intend to certify the Glastar design and otherwise retain production in Arlington, Washington. TieJi Fang, chairman of the Jilin Hanxing Group, said that he envisions the company producing trainers for flight schools and eventually personal aircraft for the Chinese market. He stated that purchasing Glasair was "the first step in a very long journey".[3][4]


Glasair II
Summary of aircraft built by Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft and Glasair Aviation
Model name First flight Number built Type
Glasair I 1979 807[5] Low-wing, two seat kit aircraft
Glasair II 1989 1200 Low-wing, two seat kit aircraft
Glasair III 1986 500 Low-wing, two seat kit aircraft
GlaStar 1994 300 High-wing, two seat kit aircraft
Sportsman 2+2 2003 400 High-wing, four seat kit aircraft
Glasair Merlin LSA[6] 2015 1 High-wing, two seat SLSA aircraft

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