Glasgow Gorbals by-election, 1969

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The Glasgow Gorbals by-election, 1969 was a parliamentary by-election held on 30 October 1969 for the British House of Commons constituency of Glasgow Gorbals in the Gorbals, Glasgow. It was one of five UK parliamentary by-elections held on that day.


The seat had become vacant when the constituency's Labour Member of Parliament (MP), Alice Cullen had died on 31 May 1969, aged 78. She had held the seat since the by-election in 1948 following the resignation of her Labour predecessor, George Buchanan. The moving of the writ was much delayed and finally announced in early October.[1] Because of the recess and parliamentary convention, the formal campaign only lasted two weeks.


The result of the contest was a victory for the Labour candidate, Frank McElhone, who won with a majority of 4,163 over the Scottish National Party candidate Tom Brady. The SNP's significant challenge for second place was not repeated at the subsequent General Election when the third placed Conservative trumped Brady for second place.

Glasgow Gorbals by-election, 1969[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Frank McElhone 7,834 53.4 -19.7
SNP Tom Brady 3,671 25.0 +25.0
Conservative William Shearer 2,732 18.6 -4.2
Communist John Kay 361 2.5 -1.6
Workers Party of Scotland Matthew Lygate 72 0.5
Majority 4,163 28.4 -21.8
Turnout 14,670 58.5
Labour hold Swing


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