Glasgow Mega-Snake

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"Glasgow Mega-Snake"
Song by Mogwai from the album Mr. Beast
Released Europe 6 March 2006
United States 8 March 2006
Recorded Castle of Doom Studios
Glasgow, Scotland Scotland
Genre Post-rock, instrumental rock
Length 3:35

Play It Again Sam

Writer(s) Francis Barry Burns, John Cummings
Producer(s) Tony Doogan
Mr. Beast track listing
  1. "Auto Rock"
  2. "Glasgow Mega-Snake"
  3. "Acid Food"
  4. "Travel Is Dangerous"
  5. "Team Handed"
  6. "Friend of the Night"
  7. "Emergency Trap"
  8. "Folk Death 95"
  9. "I Chose Horses"
  10. "We're No Here"

"Glasgow Mega-Snake" is a song by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai from their fifth album, Mr. Beast.


"Glasgow Mega-Snake" is a live favourite. It originally had the working title of "Glower of a Cat".[1] Stuart Braithwaite has commented on the song, saying

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