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Glaslough (/ɡlæsˈlɒx/ glas-LOKH; Irish: Glasloch, meaning "green lake") is a village and townland in the north of County Monaghan, Ireland, on the R185 regional road 3 km (2 mi) south of the border with Northern Ireland and 10 km (6 mi) northeast of Monaghan Town. Glaslough won the Irish Tidy Towns Competition in 1978. Castle Leslie, the large Victorian country house and luxury hotel, is located on the edge of the village.[citation needed]

Glaslough village
Glaslough village
Glaslough is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 54°19′N 6°54′W / 54.317°N 6.900°W / 54.317; -6.900Coordinates: 54°19′N 6°54′W / 54.317°N 6.900°W / 54.317; -6.900
Country Ireland
Province Ulster
County Monaghan

Castle Leslie[edit]

The Village

Castle Leslie is located on the edge of the village. The lodges of the village are owned by Castle Leslie, and can be rented by holidaymakers. There is a playground and tennis court located on the main village green. There is also has a shop and café in the village.

Castle Leslie



Previously served by Glaslough railway station which was part of the Ulster Railway, and the station opened on 25 May 1858.[1]

The Ulster Railway merged with other railways to become part of the Great Northern Railway (Ireland). The Great Northern was formed in 1876 by a merger of the Irish North Western Railway (INW), Northern Railway of Ireland, and Ulster Railway.

The partition of Ireland in 1922 turned the boundary with County Armagh into an international frontier, after which trains were routinely delayed by customs inspections. In 1957 the Government of Northern Ireland made the GNR Board close the line between Portadown and the border, giving the GNRB no option but to withdraw passenger services between the border and Clones as well. CIÉ took over the remaining section of line between Clones, Monaghan and Glaslough in 1958 but withdrew goods services between Monaghan and Glaslough in 1959 and between Clones and Monaghan in 1960, leaving County Monaghan with no railway service.

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