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Glasnost Defense Foundation is a non-profit organization with the stated goals are the defense of journalists, journalism, and the freedom of expression in Russia. Its president is Alexei Simonov, a member of Moscow Helsinki Group and a recipient of National Endowment for Democracy award.[1]

Glasnost Defense Foundation (GDF) was organized on June 6, 1991 by Yegor Yakovlev, Vladimir Molchanov, Igor Golembiovsky, Mark Rozovsky, Elem Klimov, Aleksei German and other prominent Russian filmmakers and journalists. GDF is member of International Freedom of Expression Exchange. It works in close collaboration with Reporters without borders, Amnesty International, International PEN, Memorial society, and other organizations.

Glasnost Defense Foundation identifies and records all individual cases of journalist's rights violations in Russia. The list of criminal cases compiled by the GDF in 2006 represents 1,345 conflicts including 9 killed and 69 assaulted journalists.[2][3][4] In 2005, the list of all recorded cases includes 6 murders, 63 assaults, 12 pogroms of editorial offices, 23 cases of censorship, 42 criminal prosecutions, 11 illegal layoffs, 47 arrests, 382 lawsuits, 233 cases of obstruction, 23 closings of editorial offices by authorities, 10 evictions, 28 confiscations of printed production, 23 cases of stopping broadcasting, 38 refusals to distribute or print production, 25 acts of intimidation, and 344 other violations of Russian journalist's rights [1].

Press freedom in the Russian regions, 2001-2006
Green: Quite free
Orange: Not quite free
Red: unfree
Grey: No data
No free region was found
Source: Glasnost Defense Foundation


Glasnost Defense Foundation is financed by Soros Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and National Endowment for Democracy (USA) among others. The yearly budget of this organization is about 500 000 to 700 000 US dollars [2]. It receives finances from the foundations established under the auspices of the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Canada embassies in Russian Federation. According to Glasnost Defense Foundation, in the year 2000 the cumulative budget of Foundation was $ 481,846. Sums received from Ford Foundation - $ 165 000; Eurasia Foundation - $ 24 060; National Endowment for Democracy - $ 60 676; Henry M. Jackson Foundation - $ 23 100; MacArthur's Foundation - $ 37 500; Internews Moscow - $ 16 200; Institute of Open Society Budapest - $ 97,810; International PEN $ 7,500; Institute of Open Society, Moscow - $ 50 000. [3].

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