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Glass Home
Стъклен Дом
StarringKalin Vrachanski
Elena Petrova
Julian Vergov (Season 1 - full, Season 2 and 3 - partial)
Yana Marinova
Stefan Danailov
Asen Blatechki (from Season 2)
Luiza Grigorova
Boyko Krаstanov
Radina Kаrdzhilova
Georgi Novakov and others
Opening themeGlass Home theme music
Country of origin Bulgaria
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes64
Executive producer(s)Dimitar Mitovski
Dimitar Gochev
Running time~70 minutes (Season 1)
~90 minutes (Season 2-3,5)
~45 minutes (Season 4)
Original networkbTV
Picture format4:3 (filmed in 16:9)
Original release11 April 2010 – 11 June 2012
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Glass Home (Bulgarian: Стъклен дом, Stˈɤ̞klen dom) was a Bulgarian drama series created by bTV. It's a family drama and the executive producers were Dimitаr Mitovski and Dimitаr Gochev from "Camera OOD". It aired in bTV's primetime. Some of Bulgaria's most famous actors star in the series, which was directed by Viktor Bojinov and Petar Rusev.


In the beginning of 2010, bTV announced that a new Bulgarian show was shot, starting in February 2010. On 11 April 2010 the first season premieres and continues to 20 June the same year. After a short pause, the second season begins on 26 September and it's titled "Glass Home: Time for Truth" (Bulgarian: "Стъклен дом: Време за истина"). 13 episodes were shown and the show went on another pause, which ended with the beginning of second half of the second season: "Glass Home: Time for Truth - The Resolution" (Bulgarian: "Стъклен дом: Време за истина - Развръзката"). On 30 March, bTV announced that season 3 started on 11 April 2011, exactly one year after the show's first episode aired, and with no break between Season 2 and 3. It is called "Glass Home: The Temptation" (Bulgarian: "Стъклен дом: Изушението") and it takes place three years after the finale of the second season. One of the storylines of this season is Elena's husband, who later becomes the president of Bulgaria. The season ended on June 10, 2011 after airing nine episodes. The fourth season started airing in Bulgaria on October 31, 2011, a day after the Bulgarian Presidential Election, with the subtitle "The Punishment" (Bulgarian: "Стъклен дом: Наказанието").


In Bulgaria[edit]

Glass Home was one of the most watched programs in the history of Bulgarian television, with all episodes gaining ratings higher than a million viewers, which in a country with a total population less than 7 million was a big success, and the most watched with over 1,8 million. In the social network Facebook, the show has over 200,000 fans (or "likes"). It even has more likes than its broadcasting channel, bTV.

In Turkey[edit]

FOX Turkey aired the first season Thursdays at 2am, which led to the low ratings in the country. The ratings continued decreasing and FOX decided to cancel the series.

In Macedonia[edit]

Glas Home was widely promoted and gained big success in Macedonia. It premiered on August 1, 2011 on Kanal 5. The channel aired the three seasons Monday through Friday at 7.50 PM. The third season started in a new timeslot at 10 AM and no reason or explanation about the move was given. The third season finale aired on October 3, 2011.

Seasons and airdates[edit]

Season Timeslot Subtitle Episodes TV Season Premiere Finale
1 Sunday, 8 PM Everything has its price 11 2010(spring) April 11, 2010 June 20, 2010
2 Monday, 8 PM Time for Truth(2.1)
The Resolution(2.2)
17 2010(autumn)
September 26, 2010 (2.1)
March 14, 2011 (2.2)
December 13, 2010 (2.1)
April 4, 2011 (2.2)
3 The Temptation 9 2011(spring) April 11, 2011 June 6, 2011
4 The Punishment 18 2011(autumn) October 31, 2011 December 19, 2011
5 Monday, 8 PM The Salvation 9 2012(spring) April 16, 2012 June 11, 2012


Bulgaria bTV April 11, 2010 2012
Turkey Fox July 25, 2010 -
Croatia RTL Televizija July 11, 2011 -
Greece Alpha TV July 4, 2011 -
Macedonia Kanal 5 August 1, 2011 -
Montenegro Prva TV September 23, 2013 -
Serbia Prva TV TBA -
Bosnia and Herzegovina ATV / Hayat
Romania PRO TV -

After being a success in Bulgaria, a few broadcasting networks in the Balkan countries decided to buy the rights for the series. The first one to do so was Kanal D, in Turkey, which bought the right for the series and for future series in Bulgaria, but cencelled it later, because "the series isn't suitable for the turkish audience". Later, however, FOX Turkey bought the series and started airing it dubbed on July 25, 2010 at 2AM with the name "Sırça Saray". They cancelled it too after the first season. In the beginning of 2011, bTV announced that a deal has been made with four more countries to air the series. They were Croatia (on RTL Televizija), Greece (Alpha TV), Serbia (Prva TV) and Romania (PRO TV). On 4 July, Alpha TV started airing Glass Home, with the name "Γυάλινος Κόσμος". However, the show received low ratings and Alpha TV stopped airing it after only six episodes, on July 10, 2011. In Croatia, the series started in July 2011, and in Serbia and Romania the dates are yet to be announced. Later the same year, bTV announced that Kanal 5 (in Macedonia) has bought the rights for the "Season of the Bulgarian TV Series" (Including Glass Home, Too Many Metropolitans (lit. translation) and 7 hours of time difference (lit. translation) and the most successful Bulgarian film, Mission London (also produced by bTV). Since then, the series has been a big commercial success.

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