Glass Palace Chronicle

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This article is about the English translation of Hmannan Yazawin.
Glass Palace Chronicle
Glass Palace Chronicle.JPG
Cover of second printing (1960)
Author Royal Historical Commission of Burma
Original title မှန်နန်း မဟာ ရာဇဝင်တော်ကြီး
Hmannan Maha Yazawindawgyi
Translator Pe Maung Tin and G.H. Luce
Country Burma
Language English
Series Burmese chronicles
Genre Chronicle, History
Publisher Oxford University (1st printing)
Rangoon University Press (2nd printing)
Publication date
1923, 1960
Media type Print
Pages 179

The Glass Palace Chronicle of the kings of Burma is the only English language translation of the first portions of Hmannan Yazawin, the standard chronicle of Konbaung Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar). Hmannan was translated into English by Pe Maung Tin and Gordon H Luce in 1923, who gave it its English name. The original translation of the word Hman (မှန်) to Glass is debatable as the Burmese word Hman (မှန်) also means truth or factual.

George Coedes cites the chronicle for a "very romanticized account of the events following the death of Alaungsithu."[1]:166–167


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