Glass Slippers

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Glass Slippers
Also known as Glass Shoes
Genre Romance, Melodrama
Written by Kang Eun-kyung
Directed by Choi Yoon-seok
Starring Kim Hyun-joo
Kim Ji-ho
Han Jae-suk
So Ji-sub
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 40
Running time 60 minutes
Saturday and Sunday 21:45 (KST)
Original network SBS
Picture format HD
Original release 2 March (2002-03-02) – 28 July 2002 (2002-07-28)
Followed by Rival
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Korean name
Hangul 유리구두
Hanja 구두
Revised Romanization Yuri Gudu
McCune–Reischauer Yuri Kudu

Glass Slippers (Hangul유리구두; RRYuri Gudu) was a 40-episode South Korean drama series that aired on SBS in 2002, starring Kim Hyun-joo and Kim Ji-ho as the two orphaned sisters.


Yoon-hee and her elder sister Tae-hee were born into a one-parent family; their mother having died giving birth to Yoon-hee. Their devoted father vowed not to marry again and struggled to raise them but was killed in a car accident while already suffering from leukemia. The girls were left to fend for themselves but a series of events caused by gangsters separated the sisters for fifteen years. Yoon-hee grew up as Sun-woo and was abused by the Lee family (Seung-hee especially), who had been forced to adopt her because she was knocked down by their truck. Meanwhile, Tae-hee spent fifteen years with her grandfather and became a successful entrepreneur. Another male character, Chul-woong, frequently stood up for Sun-woo, and once ransacked the Lee household when Sun-woo was being abused. Seung-hee later pretended to be Yoon-hee when a letter from Tae-hee enquiring after her sister arrived. At this point, Sun-woo took refuge at Chul-woong's house.

Internal strife develops when a man called Jae-hyuk decides to take revenge on the sister's grandfather, who had indirectly caused his grandfather's death as a child. Shortly before the sisters are reunited, their grandfather is killed in a car accident. Chul-woong is then stabbed to death by gangsters after a reunion with Yoon-hee, who is herself kidnapped by gangsters on their wedding day.

At the beginning of the drama, both sisters harbor feelings for Jae-hyuk, while he and Chul-woong both have desires on Yoon-hee, even though Jae-hyuk is engaged to Tae-hee. Seung-hee meanwhile, is keen on Chul-woong, which makes her jealous of Yoon-hee. She becomes even more jealous and spiteful when she realizes that Yoon-hee is the sister Tae-hee was looking for as she grew up in what she believed was a poor household. In the end, Yoon-hee agrees to marry Chul-woong before realizing how great his affection was for her in sacrificing his life to protect her.


Original soundtrack[edit]

CD 1:

  1. Nuh Eh Ge Ro Ga Neun Gil – Kim Ji-woo
  2. Go Baek Hal Gge – Jia
  3. Nuh Reul Ji Kyuh Jool Gguh Ya – Lee Jong-won (CAN)
  4. For Your Love – Jang Hye-jin
  5. Help Me Love – Park Wan-kyu
  6. Bi Sang Ji Ah – Park Wan-kyu
  7. Gloomy Sunday – Jeon Seung-woo & Park Chae-won
  8. Suh Toon Go Baek – Kim Jin-woo
  9. Je Bal.. – Kim Jin-woo
  10. Nuh Reul Ji Kyuh Jool Gguh Ya (Piano Version)
  11. Mun Gil (Guitar Version)
  12. Tears (Piano Version)
  13. Bin Deul Eh Suh (Piano Version)
  14. Nuh Reul Bo Naen Sae Byuk (Chorus Version)
  15. Byul He Neun Bam (Harmonica Version)

CD 2:

  1. Nuh Wa Ham Gge (Piano Version)
  2. Yak Sok (Piano & Guitar Version)
  3. Pa Ran Mi So (Guitar Version)
  4. Nae Ahn Eh Nuh (Guitar Version)
  5. Do Shi Eh Ah Chim (Piano Version)
  6. Uh Rin Shi Jul (Piano Version)
  7. Mun Gil (Piano Version)
  8. Tears (Guitar Version)
  9. Nuh Reul Ji Kyuh Jool Gguh Ya (Violin Version)
  10. Nuh Wa Ham Gge (Guitar Version)
  11. Yak Sok (Piano Version)
  12. Byul He Neun Bam (Piano Version)
  13. Bin Deul Eh Suh (Guitar Version)
  14. Uh Rin Shi Jul (Piano Version)
  15. Sae Ro Oon Shi Jak (Guitar Version)
  16. Tears (Guitar Version)
  17. Pa Ran Mi So (Harmonica Version)
  18. Sae Ro Oon Shi Jak (E.Guitar Version)
  19. Uh Rin Shi Jul (Guitar Version)

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network(s)
Vietnam Vietnam VTV1 (3/5/2003) - Giày thủy tinh
Thailand Thailand Channel 3
 Philippines GMA 7

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