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Example of soft porn with a model wearing glasses

Glasses fetishism is the name used to describe a fetishistic attraction to people wearing prescription glasses.[1][2] Glasses fetishism may include, but is not limited to any of several elements, such as a partner wearing prescription glasses, sunglasses, or cosmetic contact lenses, the fetishist wearing glasses themselves, wearing glasses during sexual acts, and/or ejaculation on glasses.[1] In pornography, the term refers to a subgenre, also known as spex appeal, in which the actresses wear glasses.


According to Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, glasses fetishism could be classified as "plastic love" as opposed to "spiritual love". Binet proposed that "Spiritual love" occupied the devotion for specific mental phenomena, such as attitudes, social class, or occupational roles; while "plastic love" referred to the devotion exhibited towards material objects such as body parts, garments, shoes or in this case glasses. The concept of spiritual love has not globally achieved acceptance however, because precisely defining the concept of "spiritual love" is considered Impossible. Mental phenomena, attitudes, and social class are all things that can be obsessed over, but it is hard to prove that they would become a sexual obsession. It is also difficult to incorporate any "idea" into a sexual act or stimulation. However, a mental obsession, such as an idea or excessive thought, can be progressed into a "plastic love." For example, role playing. If a person has a mental obsession with glasses, their partner could simply put on a pair of glasses to make it a reality or "plastic love."

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