Glastonbury (film)

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Directed by Julien Temple
Produced by Robert Richards
Release dates
April 14, 2006
Running time
135 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Glastonbury is a 2006 rockumentary film directed by Julien Temple which details the history of the Glastonbury Festival from 1970 to 2005. It is the third attempt to make a film about the festival. The film is made up of footage shot by Temple at the festival in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, as well as footage sent in by festival goers after a request on websites and newspapers for footage. Temple had initially only agreed to make a film of the 2002 festival after organiser Michael Eavis expressed concern that that would be the last year of the festival. Temple then realised that he wanted to make a film detailing the full history of the festival. The film also includes footage shot by Channel 4 and the BBC during their coverage of the festival since 1994.

A series of special charity premieres took place on 13 April 2006 which included live performances from bands such as The Levellers. The DVD has a fully interactive feature which allows viewers to make their own festival experience by selecting which live footage they would prefer to see in the film. The DVD was released on 17 July 2006 after a showing on BBC Two on 15 July 2006.

Footage for a re-evaluated edition of the film (to be shown on the BBC in 2012) was filmed in the summer of 2011 by Temple (in association with Somerset Film).

The DVD was authored by The Pavement.

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