Glastonbury the Movie

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Glastonbury the Movie
Glastonbury the movie.jpg
Directed by William Beaton
Robin Mahoney
Matthew Salkeld
Produced by William Beaton
Robin Mahoney
Matthew Salkeld
Starring Spiritualized
Ozric Tentacles
The Lemonheads
The Verve
Porno for Pyros
Release date
  • 12 June 1996 (1996-06-12)
Running time
96 minutes
Language English

Glastonbury the Movie is a 1996 (and as Glastonbury the Movie In Flashback (2012)) documentary film about the Glastonbury Festival produced and directed by William Beaton, Robin Mahoney and Matthew Salkeld.

About the film[edit]

Glastonbury the Movie is the second film made of the Glastonbury Festival after 1971's Glastonbury Fayre. Like the earlier film, it mixes footage of bands playing and scenes of festival goers.

The film was shot at the 1993, festival. The film is structured into telling the story of the festival day by day from the Friday through Saturday and finishing on the Sunday.

29 June 2012 saw the UK cinema release of Robin Mahoney's Glastonbury The Movie In Flashback, re-worked as new with contemporary digital cinema technology. The later film features some 45 minutes of previously unseen material, new performances including ones from Stereo MCs and The Orb and a roots-to-branch re-structuring.

In the summer of 2013 Glastonbury the Movie In Flashback was released for the first time on Download, Blu-ray as a DVD box-set with 13 hours of video and over 24 hours of audio. At the time of filming, mindful of emerging multimedia technologies the makers documented several extensions of the stories touched on in the film.

Bands featured in the film include:

Additional performances on the DVD box-set include:

and extended appearances from The Lemonheads, Omar, The Orb, Spiritualized, Roy Harper, The Verve, Perry Farrell / Porno For Pyros, Back To The Planet, Chuck Prophet, Airto Moreira, Evan Dando, Louise Goffin, Andy Guithrie, Ozric Tentacles, Kickshaw, McKoy, Si Begg, The Co-Creators, Cristian Vogel, Dr Didg, The Filberts, X-Productions, Bender, Charlie Creed-Miles, Dexter Fletcher

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