Glavica, Sremska Kamenica

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Glavica (Cyrillic: Главица) is one of the neighborhoods of Sremska Kamenica, in Serbia. Glavica is more a retreat community than a neighborhood.

It is located outside of Novi Sad urban area, on the edge of National Park Fruška Gora. Glavica is an accual hill, with elevation of 208 m, situated between Paragovo valley in the west and Artiljevo in the east. From Glavica there are a beautiful scenic views of Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad and Veternik.

Glavica has an asphalt road from Čardak, but it is not connected to other settlements by a public transport. There is a bus line number 72 from Paragovo, 15 minutes walk to the valley and bus line number 69 from Čardak, which is also nearby.

Coordinates: 45°11′36″N 19°50′51″E / 45.1933°N 19.8475°E / 45.1933; 19.8475