Gleb Vseslavich

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Prince of Minsk
Hleb Mienski (silver coin, reverse).gif
Reign 1101–1119
Predecessor newly established
Successor ?
Born ?
Died September 13, 1119
Spouse Anastasia, a daughter of Yaropolk Iziaslavich
Issue Iziaslav, Rostislav, Volodar, Vsevolod
Full name
House Riurik Dynasty, Polotsk branch
Father Vseslav the Seer
Mother ?

Gleb Vseslavich (Belarusian: Глеб Усяславіч, Russian: Глеб Всеславич) (died September 13, 1119) was the prince of Minsk between 1101 and 1119. During his reign Minsk was at war with Kiev and Polatsk. He started the Minsk branch of Prince of Polotsk as son of Vseslav the Seer.

In 1104 his city of Minsk was under siege from the voivode Putiata, Oleg Sviatoslavich, and Yaropolk Vladimirovich, the son of Vladimir II Monomakh. In 1106 he had partaken the raid on the Baltic tribe of Semigallians.

In 1116 he started the war with the Monomakh and burned down Slutsk. In response to that Monomakh with his sons, Davyd Sviatoslavich, and sons of Oleg Sviatoslavich assaulted Minsk. The Monomakhs took Orsha, Drutsk, and took Minsk under siege. Gleb started negotiations with Vladimir who in spirit of the upcoming Easter holidays agreed to conclude a peace. Completely ignoring the conditions of the signed peace treaty, Gleb resumed his hostilities in 1119. The same year Mstislav Vladimirovich, the son of Monomakh, took Gleb as a prisoner to Kiev where the last one died shortly.[1]


  1. Rostislav (died 1165), Prince of Minsk 1146–1165 and Prince of Polotsk 1151–1159
  2. Volodar (died 1167+), Prince of Hrodno 1146–1167, Prince of Minsk 1151–1159, 1165–1167, and Prince of Polotsk 1167
  3. Vsevolod (died 1159/1162), Prince of Iziaslav 1151–1159, Prince of Strezhev 1159–1162
  4. Iziaslav (died 1134)

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Gleb Vseslavich
Born:  ?  Died: 1119
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Prince of Minsk
Succeeded by
Rostislav Glebovich
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Rogvolod Vseslavich
2nd in line to Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Davyd Vseslavich