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Gleemax was a website whose alpha phase was released by Wizards of the Coast on October 10th 2007. Functionality was limited to basic blogging features and personal profiles. Wizards had plans to make it "the home for gamers" at some point in the future, with major functionality to be revealed early 2008 including games such as Uncivilized: The Goblin Game and a board game portal. The website was to be focused on those who play collectible card games, wargames, miniature games, and roleplaying games, including blogs and profiles from the people inside the industry itself. Wizards had said it would incorporate social networking features similar to mainstream sites such as Facebook and Myspace when it was to officially launch in early 2009.

Wizards of the Coast had stated that participation in the Gleemax site would not be exclusive to their own products (most notably Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons), an important point for many strategy gamers.

On July 28, 2008, Wizards of the Coast announced that Gleemax would be shut down in September 2008 in order to focus on their other digital products, D&D Insider and Magic: The Gathering Online. Gleemax officially closed on October 1, 2008[1][2]

Gleemax was finally removed on August 28, 2009, replaced by Wizards new social networking site, which no longer included the domain name. However, internal links used by the Dungeons and Dragons Insider still use the gleemax domain and a series of redirects to get to the new community site location.