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Geo. Gleistein & Sohn GmbH
Founded 1824
Founder Georg Gleistein
Headquarters Bremen, Bremen-Nord, Germany
Area served
Key people
Klaus Walther
Thomas Schlätzer
Products Ropes, Cordage
21 Mio.
Owner Family
Number of employees
Divisions Gleistein Slovakia s.r.o.
Gleistein Ropes Ltd. (UK)
Slogan The perfect line

Gleistein is a prominent German cordage factory with head office in Bremen. To the group of companies belong the Gleistein Slovakia s.r.o. in Trencin and Gleistein Ropes Ltd. in Great Britain. According to own data Gleistein has about 240 employees and 21million euro conversion are obtained.

Gleistein has an internationally outstanding market position with the solution of technical special problems regarding textile connections (e.g. equipment of High Tech racing yachts and super yachts or component solutions for wind-driven sea transport system on basis of large course kites (Skysail).


Founded in 1824 by sailor captain Georg Gleistein as well as his oldest son Johann, Georg Gleistein & son started out with 12 workers converting natural fibers (hemp, tow) manually into ropes. Equipped were freight- and riverboats, shipping companies and farmers.

Arising new fibers such as Sisal and Manila opened new technical possibilities. Starting from 1890 on, the Herkulestauwerk (lit. Hercules cordage) was used for dragging nets for fishing. At that time Bremen-Vegesack, the former company headquarters, was the port of registry of Europe's biggest herring fleet.[1] Starting from 1920 basic researches for standardisation and computation of ropes were established. In the year 1947, the first ropes made of chemical fibres were produced. 1978, the enterprise shifts its head office to Bremen-Blumenthal. 1997, a production is set up in Slovakia, 1999 the enterprise existed 175 years. In his hometown Vegesack (part of Bremen today), the Georg-Gleistein-Strasse wears the founder's name.[2]


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