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Falls at Glen Aulin

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp is an established campground—one of six High Sierra Camps[1]—located in Glen Aulin next to the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park in California, in the Sierra Nevada. The camp is located along the Tuolumne River at an elevation of approximately 7,800 feet (2,400 m). The High Sierra camps are only open during the summer months (snowmelt permitting - some years they do not open due to excessive snow) and reservations and National Park Service wilderness permits are required for their use.


The High Sierra Camps accept reservation requests (once a year though an online application and processed in a lottery process)[2] for accommodations in tent cabins (which includes a community-style breakfast and dinner). Each camp also has a number of "meals-only" reservations available each day (up to six, depending on the camp's size) which are apportioned in the same lottery. Meals-only campers bring their own tents and equipment and sleep in the backpackers' campground which adjoins each High Sierra Camp, but take their meals with the HSC residents. The lottery is conducted by mail, though it's sometimes possible to obtain last-minute reservations if you call after the lottery has been completed or during the summer.


Wilderness permits are required for overnight use of these areas.[3] Approximately 95% of Yosemite is designated wilderness.[4] It is possible to obtain wilderness permits and then camp in designated "backpacker" areas near each of the High Sierra Camps. This gives access to the lakes and rivers, and sociability of the camps if you wish, without having to participate in the lottery system. Wilderness permits may be obtained up to 26 weeks in advance by mail, phone, or web,[5] are rationed per-trailhead, but are far more plentiful than HSC reservations.


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