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Glen Goodman is a UK-based financial investor, author and one of the most-followed trading experts on social media.


Goodman is the author of The Crypto Trader, a guide to trading cryptocurrency, published by Harriman House in May 2019. His Facebook page, Glen Goodman - The Shares Guy, has approximately 250 thousand followers. BBC News, LBC radio and Talkradio have interviewed him about Bitcoin,[1] he is regularly quoted in publications including Forbes[2] and he speaks at many conferences focusing on cryptocurrencies and financial trading.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Goodman is also a Contributing Expert on cryptocurrency at the London School of Economics[9]

Goodman was previously a current affairs & business presenter/reporter based in London. He was best known as the former Business Correspondent at ITV News London. He produced and presented the Managing My Money radio series, a personal finance course which leads to an Open University Certificate for listeners.[10]

He has worked as a TV Reporter for ITV National News and as a TV News Anchor on the Arise News Network.[11] His reports have appeared on the NBC Nightly News in the USA[12] and are sometimes used by NBC as learning materials for students. This has led to citations by the Modern Language Association, the American Psychological Association and the Chicago Manual of Style.[13]

Goodman attended the Haberdashers' Aske's School in Elstree, Hertfordshire and graduated from Durham University with a degree in Economics. He began working professionally as a Radio Newsreader while still at University, before moving into TV Production at MTV in London and then into the music industry at EMI Records.

He returned to Journalism as a Business Reporter at ITN in London and for two years he presented the hour-long Dawn Traders programme every morning on LBC Radio.[14]

After a period at the BBC, as a reporter for Wales Today and as BBC Radio 5 Live's Drivetime Business Reporter, Goodman returned to ITN as a Reporter[15] and then as Business Correspondent on ITV's London Tonight programme.

As well as presenting and reporting, Goodman actively traded shares, commodity futures and foreign exchange. During the financial crash of 2008-9, he shorted the markets to turn a £3,000 stake into £100,000. In February 2016, The Times (of London) published his account of the experience, which in some ways mirrored the experience of the principal characters in The Big Short, a book / film by Michael Lewis.[16]


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