Glen Island Park

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Glen Island
Location Long Island Sound
Coordinates 40°53′07″N 73°47′02″W / 40.8852°N 73.7838°W / 40.8852; -73.7838Coordinates: 40°53′07″N 73°47′02″W / 40.8852°N 73.7838°W / 40.8852; -73.7838
Total islands 5 islands
Area 105 acres (42 ha)
United States
State New York
County Westchester County
City New Rochelle

Glen Island Park is a 105-acre (0.42 km2) park, located on Glen Island, on the Long Island Sound, New York. The park is owned and operated by Westchester County and shares the island with a privately operated but county-owned entertainment facility, the Glen Island Harbour Club (formerly the Glen Island Casino).[1] Westchester County residency is required for admission.


Starin's Glen Island[edit]

In 1879, former U.S. Congressman John H. Starin bought Glen Island and four nearby islands. He gave Glen Island its name and converted the islands into a summer resort for city dwellers that has been called "the first theme park".[2] The islands were connected by causeways and piers, and each island featured a different international theme.[3] Steamships transported visitors from New York City to the park.[4] The park, which opened in 1881, attracted thousands of people daily, included among its attractions a bathing beach, a natural history museum, a zoo, a German beer garden and castle, musical entertainment, and a Chinese pagoda.[2][5]

In 1923, Westchester County acquired the site, which is now a public recreational park.[3]


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