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Glen MacPherson, CSC/ASC (born October 27, 1957 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian cinematographer based in Los Angeles. MacPherson's cinematography career dates to the mid-1980s. MacPherson is fluent in English and French.

MacPherson started work as a focus puller for the 1981 movie Gas. In 1983 MacPherson made his debut as a cinematographer with the movie 20th Century Chocolate Cake, directed by Lois Siegel. For the remainder of the 1980s, MacPherson held down a variety of jobs, including camera assistant, camera operator and a director of photography. In 1989, he worked on several episodes of The Hitchhiker which opened the door for work in the United States and beyond. Glen's work as Director of Photography has earned Canadian Society of Cinematographer Awards as well as Genie, Gemini, Leo, Emmy and BAFTA awards. Glen has embraced emerging technologies in digital acquisition and 3D capture as new tools to help tell compelling stories on the big screen




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