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This article is about the rural area in Scotland. For the ship wrecked at Lowland Point in 1902, see List of shipwrecks in 1902. For the settlement in New Zealand, see Glenbervie, New Zealand.

Glenbervie is located in the north east of Scotland in the Howe o' the Mearns, one mile from the village of Drumlithie and eight miles south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. This picturesque rural area is the location of Glenbervie House and estate.

The old, quaint kirkyard in Glenbervie is the final resting place of the great grandparents of the noted Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Local radio[edit]

Alongside the commercial enterprise of the local newspaper, The Mearns Leader, Glenbervie has a local community radio station, Mearns FM.[1] Broadcasting from nearby Stonehaven in the Townhall, Mearns FM helps to keep Glenbervie up to date with local and charity events, as well as playing some music. Staffed completely by volunteers, Mearns FM is run as a not-for-profit organisation, broadcasting under a Community Radio licence, with a remit to provide local focus news events and programming. It is funded by local advertising and local and national grants. Mearns FM has one of the largest listening areas of any Community Radio station owing to the Mearns' distributed population. Mearns FM was set up to try to bring these distant communities together.[2]

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Coordinates: 56°55′N 2°23′W / 56.917°N 2.383°W / 56.917; -2.383