Glencarlyn, Virginia

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Glencarlyn is a residential neighborhood in Arlington County, Virginia.

Glencarlyn Day, 125th anniversary, June 2, 2012

Originally created as a summer community for Washingtonians who wished to escape the heat of the city, Glencarlyn was founded by partners Samuel S. Burdett, a former Missouri congressman, and his partner George W. Curtis in 1888.[1]


Carlin Family Cemetery

Glencarlyn is bounded by Arlington Boulevard (Highway 50) on the north, Carlin Springs Road on the west, 5th Street South on the south, and Glencarlyn Park on the east.

Glencarlyn landmarks[edit]

Carlin Hall on Glencarlyn Day, 125th anniversary, June 2, 2012
Great Horned Owl, Long Branch Nature Center
Carlin Springs Marker
Carlin Springs Sold, article from Alexandria Gazette, April 21, 1887

Historic Events in Glencarlyn[edit]

  • On November 22, 1922, The Audubon Society of Glencarlyn met at Curtis Hall (now known as the Glencarlyn Community Center). The society chapter met to advocate for protective legislation for birds in Virginia. Source: Arlington Historical Society

Notable Glencarlynites[edit]


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38°51′48″N 77°7′32″W / 38.86333°N 77.12556°W / 38.86333; -77.12556