Glenda Warkentin

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Glenda Warkentin
A photograph of a man and a woman, both wearing dress shirts and jeans, the woman also wearing a necklace and a watch, all in front of a painted backdrop
Glenda Warkentin portrayed Marta in the 2012 tour of Andrew Kooman's She Has a Name. (left to right: Carl Kennedy, Warkentin)
Born Between Lethbridge and Coaldale, Alberta
Residence Rosebud, Alberta
Nationality Canadian
Citizenship Canadian
Alma mater Rosebud School of the Arts
Occupation Actor
Years active 2010-present
Known for Marta in She Has a Name
Religion Christianity[1]

Glenda Warkentin is a Canadian actor living in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada.

Personal life[edit]

Glenda Warkentin grew up on a farm between Lethbridge and Coaldale.[2] She eventually attended Lethbridge College and received a certificate in interior design there.[3] She then attended the Rosebud School of the Arts and produced The Last Five Years as her final project.[4] She planned on moving away from Rosebud after graduation, but made the hamlet her permanent residence when she married Rosebud Theatre's stage manager.[2]

Theatre career[edit]

Glenda Warkentin is a Canadian actor living in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada.[2] In 2010, she acted in Prime Stock Theatre's productions of Much Ado About Nothing,[5] as well as The Comedy of Errors.[6] In 2011, she took on the role of Ma in a theatrical adaptation of W. O. Mitchell's collection of short stories Jake and the Kid.[7] Also in 2011, she portrayed Marta in the premiere of She Has a Name, a play about child sex tourism.[8] She acknowledged finding acting in the play an emotional challenge,[9] and said that she did not previously realize the depth of the problem of human trafficking.[3] Stephen Waldschmidt, the director of the production, suggested that Warkentin audition for the play after having seen her perform at Rosebud Theatre.[2] She reprised the role of Marta in the 2012 tour of She Has a Name.[10] Despite growing up very close to Lethbridge, the tour's opening performance marked the first time that she had performed professionally as an actor in the city,[2] an event she attested to looking forward to.[3] She has also performed in Theatre Prospero's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream as Titania.[1]


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