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Glendale Beeline
Glendale Beeline logo.png
Parent City of Glendale
Founded 1984
Headquarters 613 E. Broadway
Locale Glendale, Crescenta Valley
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 13
Website [1]

Glendale Beeline is Glendale, California's transportation service, providing local routes that serve the need of those commuting within the city itself or who plan on using the bus to connect with rail service to Los Angeles or surrounding suburbs. The bus lines complements the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's crosstown routes through the city. It also provides bus service to unincorporated La Crescenta-Montrose, the city of La Cañada Flintridge and a small part of Burbank. Glendale Beeline also provides two Metrolink Express routes that serve out of Burbank Station and Glendale Station.


Route Terminals via Notes†
Glendale Station Stocker Square
Central Avenue and Stocker Street
Central Avenue, Brand Boulevard
  • Operates daily
  • Line 1 operates in a clockwise loop and Line 2 counterclockwise
  • Both lines operate alongside Metrolink express route 11
Downtown Glendale
Harvard Street and Louise Street
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
(Line 3)
Glendale Avenue (all lines)
Verdugo Road, Honolulu Avenue (Lines 3 and 31)
La Crescenta Avenue, Foothill Boulevard (Line 3)
  • Line 3 and 32 operate weekdays
  • Line 31 operates Saturdays only
Glendale College
(Line 32)
La Crescenta Avenue and Montrose Avenue
(Line 31)
Verdugo Road and Honolulu Avenue
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Line 33) Ocean View Boulevard, Foothill Boulevard, Oak Grove Drive
  • Line 33 operates weekdays
  • Line 34 operates on school days
La Cañada High School (Line 34)
Roosevelt Middle School
Chevy Chase Drive and Brand Boulevard
Glendale Galleria
Central Avenue and Americana Way
Broadway, Chevy Chase Drive
  • Operates daily
Pacific Park
Riverdale Drive and Pacific Avenue
Hoover High School
Glenwood Road and Concord Street
Pacific Avenue
  • Operates weekdays and Saturdays
Pacific Park
Pacific Avenue and Riverdale Drive
Glendale High School
Broadway and Sinclair Avenue
Colorado Street
  • Operates weekdays and Saturdays
West Glendale
Victory Boulevard and Western Avenue
Glendale College Western Avenue, Glenoaks Boulevard, Stocker Street
  • Operates weekdays and Saturdays
Glendale Station Downtown Glendale
Colorado Street and Jackson Street
Brand Boulevard, Wilson Avenue, Colorado Street
  • Operates weekdays in the peak am and pm
  • Operates alongside routes 1 and 2
Glendale Station Burbank Station San Fernando Road, Flower Street
  • Operates weekdays in the peak am and pm

†Glendale Beeline does not operate on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Fare structure as of July 1, 2012:

Fare Type General Student Senior/Disabled/Medicare
One-way (Lines 1-7, 31, 32) $1.00 $0.50
One-way (Lines 11 and 12) $2.00
Local Transfer $0.25 $0.15
Interagency Transfer $0.50 $0.25
31-Day Pass $36.00 $22.00 $18.00
10-Ride Card $9.00

Glendale Beeline is free to Metrolink/EZ Pass holders and to children under 5 (maximum of 2 with an accompanying adult) and within the City of La Canada Flintridge. On July 1, 2015, Glendale Beeline started using TAP cards.

Active Bus fleet[edit]

Here is a list of the current active bus fleet.

Picture Year Numbers
(Quantity Ordered)
Fuel Propulsion Notes
NFI C35LF [2] 2001 B44-B57
(14 buses)
  • Operates on lines 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12
  • Currently being repainted to a new livery
NFI C40LF [3] 2005 B58-B59
(2 buses)
  • Operates on lines 3,6,7,11,12
  • Repainted to a new livery
NFI C35LFR [4] 2010 B66-B72,LC2
(8 buses)
  • Operates on lines 1,2,4,5,6,7,12,32,33,34
  • LC2 has LCF shuttle livery and it only operates on lines 33,& 34.
  • Currently being repainted to a new livery
NFI C40LFR [5] 2010 B73-B74
(2 buses)
  • Operates on line 1,2,3,7,11,12,31
  • B73 and B74 are currently being repainted into a new livery
  • B75-B88 feature a new livery
2013-2014 B75-B88
(14 buses)

Retired Bus fleet[edit]

  • This list is not complete
Picture Year Numbers
(Quantity Ordered)
Fuel Propulsion Retired Notes
Ford/El Dorado Econoline/Aerotech 1984 1-10
(10 buses)
  • Formerly operated on lines 1,2,4
Gillig Phantom [6] 1982 B301-B305
(5 buses)
  • Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  • Allison HT-747
Diesel 2005
  • Acquired used
  • Formerly operated on line 3,11,32
Gillig Phantom [7][8] 1982 B43
(1 bus)
  • Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  • Allison HT-747
Diesel 2003-2004
  • Formerly operated on line 3,11
  • To Laidlaw Transit Services
Gillig Phantom [9] 1982 B37-B38
(2 buses)
  • Detroit Diesel 6V92TA
  • Allison HT-747
Diesel 2007-2008
  • Formerly operated on line 1,2
Gillig Phantom 1991 Diesel
ElDorado National Escort RE [10][11] B14, B19? ? Diesel? 2000-2002
  • operated on lines 1,2
Blue Bird Q-Bus [12][13][14] 1996 B24-B25
(2 buses)
CNG 2010
  • Formerly operated on lines 1,2,4,12,13,33,34
  • L1 has the LCF Shuttle design for lines 33 and 34
1998 B26-B31,L1
(7 buses)
Gillig Phantom [15] 1995 B62-B65
(4 buses)
Diesel 2012-2013
  • Formerly operated on lines 3,7,11
  • B64 has suburban seating
  • previously from Foothill Transit
Eldorado National Transmark RE-32 [16] 1999 B32-B36
(5 buses)
CNG 2013-2014
  • Formerly operated on lines 1,2,4,6,12,33,34


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