Glendo Reservoir

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Glendo Dam
Glendo Dam.jpg
Glendo Dam in the Glendo State Park (2002)
Location Platte / Converse counties, Wyoming, USA
Coordinates 42°28′47″N 104°56′54″W / 42.4797°N 104.9483°W / 42.4797; -104.9483Coordinates: 42°28′47″N 104°56′54″W / 42.4797°N 104.9483°W / 42.4797; -104.9483
Construction began 1954[1]
Opening date 1958
Operator(s) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Dam and spillways
Impounds North Platte River
Height 190 feet (58 m)
Length 2,096 feet (639 m)[2]
Creates Glendo Reservoir
Power station
Installed capacity 38 MW
Annual generation 57,707,000 KWh

Glendo Reservoir is a reservoir located on the North Platte River in Platte County and Converse County in the U.S. State of Wyoming. The reservoir is formed by Glendo Dam. The earthfill dam is 2,096 feet (639 m) feet long and 190 feet (58 m) high and contains two hydroelectric turbines capable of generating 38 megawatts of power.[1] The reservoir retains a maximum of 1,170,505 acre feet (1.443797×109 m3) of water used primarily for irrigation and flood control.

The reservoir is popular for water sports and fishing. It is located completely within Glendo State Park.

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