Glendowie College

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Glendowie College
School Emblem
E Paucis Excelsa
21 Crossfield Road
Auckland 1071
New Zealand
Coordinates 36°51′44″S 174°52′04″E / 36.8621°S 174.8679°E / -36.8621; 174.8679Coordinates: 36°51′44″S 174°52′04″E / 36.8621°S 174.8679°E / -36.8621; 174.8679
Type Co-Ed Secondary (Year 9-13)
Established 1961
Ministry of Education Institution no. 65
Principal Richard Dykes
School roll 1183[1] (July 2016)
Socio-economic decile 10Z[2]

Glendowie College is a co-ed secondary school based along Crossfield Road, Mt Taylor Drive and Riddell Road in Auckland, New Zealand.


The college was opened in 1961, with fewer than 200 pupils.


Glendowie College offers NCEA as its national qualification standard. An Advanced Learning Program is available in years 9 and 10 for highly intelligent students. Also, exceptionally gifted students are given the opportunity to accelerate into classes a year or two years ahead of their peers in order to progress their learning.

The school performs well academically, and the Education Review Office has said that students are progressing and achieving very well.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]


The main buildings on the school grounds were originally named using letters from the alphabet, but in 2006 they renamed the buildings after past principals. The buildings are:

  • B Block - Hammer Building
  • C Block - Eddy Building
  • Tech Block - Adams Building
  • Library Block - Sommerville Building
  • Multi Purpose Sports Facility

The Adams Building was the only building established when the college opened in 1961.


The houses of Glendowie College are named after continents. All students and staff members are placed into houses, which they represent by wearing house colours at sports events.

The houses are:

  • Asia - Yellow
  • Europe - Green
  • America - Red
  • Pacific - Blue

The houses are randomly assigned, however younger siblings are assigned to the same houses as their older sibling.

Student Groups[edit]

Glendowie is currently home to

  • The Glendowie Grapevine
  • SADD - Students Against Dangerous Driving
  • The Environmental Group
  • Student Council


The school offers many opportunities for students to be involved in extra-curricular activities during school hours, including:

  • Swimming Sports
  • Athletics Day
  • Cross Country
  • Summerfest
  • Tournament Week
  • International Week

50th Jubilee[edit]

On 1, 2 and 3 April 2011, Glendowie College held many events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school's founding.


On 29 and 30 July 2011, Glendowie College was the setting of the film Mister Pip (film) directed by Andrew Adamson and based on the popular novel by Lloyd Jones. Students were invited to participate as extras and work alongside cast and crew. The film first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2012 and was released in theatres throughout New Zealand in October 2013.


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