Glengarry Pipe Band

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Glengarry Pipe Band
Maxville2010 gpb.jpg
Established 1961
Location Maxville, Ontario, Canada
Grade 3
Tartan Glengarry Highland Games

The Glengarry Pipe Band was formed in early 1961 and has operated continuously since that time. The original purpose of the band was to provide a local host band for the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario.[1]

With the arrival of Colin MacLellan as leader in 1987, the band began competing regularly in Grade 4, and was soon winning many competitions, including the North American Championship.

When the band was promoted to Grade 3, there was an obvious need to start training players at a basic level, and a second junior band was formed to compete in Grade 4. Over the years, this progressive system has graduated many players from learners to the junior band and on to the senior band.

The senior band progressed from Grade 4 (1987–88), through to Grade 3 (1989), and Grade 2, becoming Canadian, US, and North American Pipe Champions each multiple times, and taking prizes in Scottish contests (including 4th overall and 2nd in drumming at the Grade 2 World Pipe Band Championship). During this period, the junior band continued as a community and prize-winning competitive band, training many players who graduated to the senior band.

In 1997, the senior band was poised to enter Grade 1, but a combination of circumstances caused the group to fold. While the senior band dissolved, the junior band continued strongly, absorbing some members of the senior band, and continuing the Glengarry Pipe Band name. Under the leadership of Ross May, the band competed at Grade 4 and Grade 3 levels from 1997 to 2001.

Over the years the band has acted as both a community band (playing at local parades, shows, and other events) and as a competing pipe band, traveling throughout North America and to Scotland in pursuit of its goal of musical excellence.

In 2001, Colin Clansey assumed leadership of the Glengarry Pipe Band to reconstitute a senior grade competing band. Since then, the senior band has succeeded in Grade 2, winning prizes in Canada and the US, as well as at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2004.[2]

In 2006, the Glengarry Pipe Band was awarded the PPBSO (Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario) Champion Supreme title for Grade 2 and also captured the aggregate championship at the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.[3]

The junior band continued under the leadership of Ross May, and was successful at Grade 4 competitions in Ontario, New York, and Nova Scotia. In 2006, the band won prizes at several North American contests, and placed 3rd in Grade 4B at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow.[4][5]

Shortly after the 2006 World Championships, Emily Kate MacLellan, daughter of previous P/M Colin MacLellan, took over leadership of the junior band. Shortly thereafter, Ross Davison assumed the role as Pipe Major of the newly formed Grade 5 band, slated to compete at the end of the 2010 season. Playing in only one event (the North Lanark Highland Games), the band placed third in its first ever competition.

At the beginning of the 2011 season, Emily Kate MacLellan stepped down to pursue studies in Toronto. The Grade 4 band dissolved, and members were either absorbed into the junior Grade 5 band or the senior Grade 2 band. Both bands had successes, as the senior band dominated the Ontario PPBSO circuit, and the junior band placed second at the North American Pipe Band Championships.

In 2012, the senior Grade 2 band merged with the nearby Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band, allowing the fielding of a bigger band, which in turn would improve the success rate of the band. The Grade 5 band was promoted to Grade 4 after their first year of competition, and proved their succession to the higher ranks as they captured a second place in the North American Pipe Band Championships for a second year in a row, amid having moved up a grade.

The 2013 season will see the Glengarry Pipe Band add a Grade 5 junior band to develop junior players in preparation for the Grade 4 band. As well, the Grade 4 band will be making its return to the World Pipe Band Championships, hoping to capitalize on another dominating season in the Ontario PPBSO circuit.

Currently, the Glengarry Pipe Band has two bands:

  • A Grade 3 Band, who competes in various Highland Games across Ontario, Quebec, New York State and Nova Scotia, of whom many members are taught by the Glengarry School of Piping and Drumming
  • A Grade 5 Band,

Members of the Grade 3 band include:

Pipers Snare Durmmers Tenor Drummers Bass Drummer
Ryan Ross Jim Bush Becky Macdonell
Jason Baird Rita DeNobriga Lindsey MacPherson
Carey Cameron Matthew Houlzet Shelby MacCrimmon
Ross Davison Jacob MacDougall Shanyn Young Millage
Renée DeSerres Jason MacLellan
Steve Douglas William Mitchell
Charles Hinse-MacCulloch Shahna Summers
Bailey MacDonald
Chris Macdonell
Shelley MacPhee
Cathy MacPherson
Marshall MacPherson
Charles David Mitchell
Anna Parks
Taylor Young Millage

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