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Alberta Highway 8 shield

Highway 8
Route information
Length: 31 km (19 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Hwy 22 (Cowboy Trail) near Redwood Meadows
East end: Hwy 2 (Deerfoot Trail) in Calgary
and rural
Rocky View County
Major cities: Calgary
Highway system

Provincial highways in Alberta

Hwy 7 Hwy 9

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 8[1] is a provincial highway within the Canadian province of Alberta, which connects Highway 22 just north of the Townsite of Redwood Meadows to its terminus at Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail) in Calgary. Within Calgary city limits, Highway 8 is known as Glenmore Trail, named after the reservoir that it crosses. Glenmore Trail is a major east–west expressway in Calgary, and with the completed interchanges at 37 Street SW, Crowchild Trail, 14 Street SW, Elbow Drive SW, 5 Street SW, Macleod Trail, Centre Street, Blackfoot Trail, Deerfoot Trail and 18 Street SE, Glenmore Trail is a full freeway between Ogden Road on the east and Richard Street on the west.

Glenmore Trail continues east of Calgary, passing Langdon at Highway 797, crossing Highway 24 south of Cheadle, and ending at Highway 817 south of Strathmore. It is designated as Highway 560 from the Calgary city limits to Highway 797 at Langdon.

Major intersections[edit]

Highway 8 runs from the western city limits of Calgary to Deerfoot Trail. Glenmore Trail continues to the eastern city limits, where it becomes Highway 560.[2]

Municipality km Destination[3] Notes
Rocky View County Highway 22
City of Calgary 101 Street SW At-grade intersection
Lower Springbank Road At-grade intersection
69 Street SW, Discovery Ridge Boulevard Interchange planned
Sarcee Trail Highway 8 turns right at T-intersection with Sarcee Trail and continues as Glenmore Trail; Interchange planned
45 Street SW Westbound exit and entrance only
37 Street SW Folded diamond interchange[4]
Richard Road Westbound exit and entrance only; Freeway section begins; Interchange planned
Crowchild Trail
14 Street SW, Glenmore Bridge Road
Splits into collector/distributor lane setup
Elbow Drive
5 Street, Macleod Trail Eastbound exit only
Elbow Drive Westbound exit only; entrance from 5 Street, Macleod Trail
5 Street SW
Chinook Centre Westbound slip-ramp
4A Street SW Eastbound only
Chinook Centre access Westbound only
MacLeod Trail No thru traffic on collector lanes, must turn
Fisher Street SE Eastbound only
3rd Street SW Westbound only
Collector lanes merge back onto express lanes
Centre Street, Fairmont Drive Eastbound exit, westbound entrance only
Blackfoot Trail
Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail) southbound to Fort Macleod, Lethbridge, U.S. border
Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail) northbound to Downtown Calgary, Red Deer, Access to Glenmore westbound from Deerfoot northbound from 11 Avenue SE (Exit 247) only; all other access to Glenmore from Deerfoot marked as Exit 248
Highway 8 ends, Glenmore Trail continues as Highway 560 from the Calgary city limits to Highway 797 at Langdon
Heritage Drive, Heritage Meadows Road
18 Street SE
Ogden Road, Shepard Road End of freeway section; Interchange planned
Splits into short one-way segment
30 Street SE
31 Street SE Westbound exit and entrance only
One-way segment ends; U-turn ramp to westbound Glenmore Trail available
Barlow Trail Interchange planned
52 Street SE Interchange planned
68 Street SE
84 Street SE
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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