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Glenn Harrold
Glenn Harrold.jpg
Glenn Harrold
Born (1962-06-21) 21 June 1962 (age 58)
Balham, London
OccupationHypnotherapist, Author

Glenn Harrold (born 21 June 1962 in Balham, London, England) is a British hypnotherapist and self-help author.


Harrold studied for a diploma The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He began making home produced hypnosis recordings in the late 1990s. He received a gold disc from Nielsen BookScan in 2006 for his Complete Relaxation CD.[1][2] Harrold has also produced 8 hypnotherapy CDs for The BBC[3] and has written 5 self-help books for Orion Publishing[4][5] in the United Kingdom. He has also written for McGraw Hill[6] in the United States.

In May 2011 he was made a Fellow of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.[7]

Media appearances[edit]

Harrold has been interviewed on BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright In The Afternoon show and has also appeared on BBC One's BBC Breakfast[8][9] show to discuss sleeping disorders.

Published works[edit]

BBC Releases[edit]

Harrold has released 8 audiobooks in the BBC Audio Collection: Lifestyle. These include:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Stress, (Audio): BBC (UK): 2005.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Smoking Forever, (Audio): BBC (UK): 2005.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Motivation, (Audio): BBC (UK): 2005.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Relaxing Sleep Every Night, (Audio): BBC (UK): 2005.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Creative Meditation, (Audio): BBC (UK): 2005.

Orion CDs[edit]

Harrold has released 4 CDs with Orion Publishing Group. These include:

  • Get Rich and Successful, (Audio): Orion (UK): 2009.
  • Get The Love You Want, (Audio): Orion (UK): 2009.
  • Get The Job You Want, (Audio): Orion (UK): 2009.

In 2009 Harrold also co-authored a series of pregnancy CDs with radio personality Janey Lee Grace called Preparing for Pregnancy, Joyful Pregnancy and Blissful Birth.


Harrold has released 5 books with Orion Publishing Group and McGraw-Hill Education. These include:

  • Listen and Lose Weight, (Book & CD): McGraw Hill (USA) 2007.
  • De-Stress Your Life, (Book & Audio): Orion (UK) 2007, Reissued 2019.
  • Sleep Well Every Night, (Book & Audio): Orion (UK) 2008, Reissued 2019.
  • Look Young, Live Longer, (Book & Audio): Orion (UK) 2009, Reissued 2019.
  • Lose Weight Now!, (Book & Audio): Orion (UK) 2010, Reissued 2019.
  • The Answer, (Hardback & Paperback Book & MP3): Orion (UK) 2011.


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