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Glenn Llopis
Born (1966-10-05) October 5, 1966 (age 49)
Monrovia, California
Nationality Cuban-American
Occupation Chairman- Glenn Llopis Group, Founder- Center for Hispanic Leadership

Glenn Llopis is a Cuban-American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, business consultant and former C-suite corporate executive. He is best known as the Opportunity Expert because of his expertise in identifying and solving for business opportunity gaps that others don’t see, such as those influenced by the cultural demographic shift[1] that are largely being ignored or misunderstood by U.S. leadership. This business critical acumen stems from what he calls “the immigrant’s perspective,” and he has developed a proprietary methodology based on this leadership point of view that teaches business, government, university and other leaders how to see through a lens of opportunity by adopting a mindset of continuous survival, renewal and reinvention. Most of his writings, speaking engagements and consulting assignments focus on leadership, change management, career advancement, marketing diversity management, entrepreneurship, business development and turn-around operations. He promotes the idea that if people embrace and adopt the immigrant mentality, they will have a distinct advantage in business and in life by being able to see and seize previously unseen opportunities, and opportunities others don’t see at all. Llopis’ research has identified 6 natural characteristics of the 21st century leader that define this immigrant mentality.[2]

Early career[edit]

Glenn Llopis graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in political science. He was recruited by the Gallo Wine Company in Los Angeles where he served as a sales representative. After two years at Gallo, he worked for the next seven years at Sunkist Growers, Incorporated where he was an executive leading the successful re-launch of the company’s beverage division across Retail, Warehouse Club and Foodservice distribution channels. Llopis then served as a senior executive at American Seafoods where he led the Foodservice and Retail business and operational units.

In these early years of his career, Llopis developed expertise in the areas of business development, branding, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic alliances, corporate social responsibility[3] and turnaround operations.


In 1997, Llopis launched his first venture (Luna Rossa Gourmet Foods), which focused on the sales, marketing and distribution of gourmet vegetables, pasta sauce, and salad dressing through Retail, Foodservice, and Warehouse Club distribution channels. The company’s brands were: Luna Rossa and Chef’s Harvest.

In 2007, Llopis founded Glenn Llopis Group and Center for Hispanic Leadership. These ventures focus specifically on leadership and business development in the workplace based on the teachings of his “immigrant perspective”.[4] message and methodology, In May 2009, he published a book titled, Earning Serendipity, 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work[5] (Greenleaf Book Group), also based on these teachings.

Published books[edit]

The Innovation Mentality: Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work

  • Forthcoming from Entrepreneur Press (February 2017).

Earning Serendipity, 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work[6]

  • Llopis introduces the 4 Opportunity Mastery skills to help individuals and organizations create and sustain momentum in their work (Greenleaf Book Group, May 2009). Llopis’ framework is presented based on his experiences as a corporate executive, as well as the well-grounded lessons of the immigrant perspective that were inspired from his father, Frank Llopis – a victim of Castro’s revolution in Cuba who was a prominent Latin music pioneer that introduced rock 'n' roll into the rhythms and sounds of Salsa music and Merengue music with his quartet, es:Los Llopis, in the 1950s and 60’s.[7]

Preparing U.S. Leadership for the Seismic Cultural Demographic Shift[8]

  • Every day, Fortune 500 companies and leaders across all functional areas and departments are unknowingly creating tension points with their employees, clients and consumers. Why? Because they lack the cultural know-how to most authentically engage with them – and this is what’s making it so difficult to capture favorable and sustainable ROI. At its core, the cultural demographic shift is about change management and the influence it has on corporate growth and business models.

Why a Personal Employee Brand Will Save Your Career – and Your Workplace[9]

  • The traditional promise of long-term corporate employment has vanished. We're moving from a top-down, hierarchical workplace to a more transparent, flat environment. Only those who develop strong personal employee brands will survive – and enable their organizations to survive.

Awakening the Latino Factor[10]

  • Hispanics represent 16% of the United States population and that number is projected to reach 30% by 2050. That makes Hispanics the country’s largest economic development engine for reclaiming America’s global competitiveness.

Women Leaders Must Dive In, Not Just Lean In[11]

  • Leaders have unique qualities that don’t always rub people the right way. For women leaders, this can be exacerbated, as it is these same qualities that others may use against them, calling them too aggressive, pushy or bossy. This can unknowingly create distractions and misunderstandings that lead to a dysfunctional workplace. Unless employees learn to adapt, the same character traits that make effective leaders will begin to wear on them and grow tiresome.

Glenn Llopis Group (GLG)[edit]

  • In 2007, Llopis started Glenn Llopis Group (GLG) to help Fortune 500 organizations develop talent that is relevant and leadership that can create sustainable business outcomes. He does this by teaching them the importance of the immigrant perspective and its unique role in how they innovate, maximize their ROI activities, and dominate their industries. Other notable organizations make such claims, with specific research findings from Partnership for a New American Economy.
  • GLG works with leaders to develop their authentic and whole selves in how they think, act and innovate. The uncertainty of the post-2008 economy has demanded more from the leaders of America's corporations, and GLG provides the tools (through the immigrant perspective) for companies to become more mobile, more transient, more flexible, more innovative, and more strategic and diverse. In September 2012, GLG introduced - Glenn Llopis Training - aimed to enable the ROI of an organization's leadership, business development & innovation, and diversity efforts for the 21st century global marketplace.
  • Today, GLG is a nationally-recognized thought-leadership, human capital, and business strategy consulting firm whose writings, speaking engagements, and consulting assignments focus on the following: strengthening leadership distinction; elevating corporate cultures and building teams in a wisdom-based economy; business evolution in the 21st century; maximizing organizational and people potential; and enabling growth through the cultural demographic shift™.

Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL)[edit]

  • In 2007, Llopis also started Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) to help Fortune 500 organizations unlock opportunities for talent development and business development by giving Hispanic leaders[12] and Hispanic customers a voice.[13]
  • CHL is focused on the professional growth and talent development of Hispanic employees through the use of culturally tailored curriculum[14] that helps participants see the potential for their cultural roots to promote workplace innovation, growth, and productivity. The company consults organizations on how to enable business growth by developing Hispanic talent and to help them capitalize on the following time-sensitive emerging trends: 1) Hispanic population is estimated at more than 50 million according to the 2010 United States Census;[15] 2) Hispanic purchasing power will reach $1.5 trillion by 2015 according to Nielsen;[16] 3) Hispanic small business owners are growing at twice the rate of the national average, with an estimated $350 billion in sales.[17]
  • In August 2012, CHL introduced Hispanic Leadership Academy, the first and only online interactive virtual training center for and about Hispanics.[18] The goal of Hispanic Leadership Academy is to train and certify individuals and organizations to help mobilize economic growth through the professional development of Hispanic talent and leaders, as well as the education of non-Hispanics about their Hispanic employees and the Hispanic market.

Television appearances[edit]

Llopis has been featured on national television shows, including Univision’s "Al Punto" and “Primer Impacto,” Fox News’ “America’s News HQ,” CNN en Espanol’s “En Efectivo” and WGN News. He has also been interviewed numerous times on local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News morning and primetime shows.


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