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This article is about the British author. For the Australian rules footballer, see Glenn Murphy (footballer). For the British actor, see Glen Murphy.

Glenn Murphy is a British children's writer. His book Why is Snot Green? was shortlisted for the 2007 Blue Peter Book Awards[1] and was a finalist for the Royal Society Junior Science Book of the Year 2008[2]

He is also the author of the sequel to Why Is Snot Green?, How Loud Can You Burp?[3] and the Global Issues[4] book series for young readers.

Murphy is considered one of the leading authors in the grossology genre.[5]


  • Why Is Snot Green (2007) – US edition (Flash Point imprint/Roaring Brook Press, April 2009) subtitled And Other Extremely Important Questions (and Answers): "Written while Murphy was in charge of a team of “science communicators” at the Science Museum in London, this seriously funny collection of science facts is based on the questions kids and adults asked."[6] – Science Museum series[a]
  • How Loud Can You Burp? (2008) – Science Museum series[a]
  • A Kid's Guide to Global Warming (2008)
  • Stuff That Scares Your Pants Off (2009) – US edition (Roaring Brook, 2011) subtitled A Book of Scary Things (and How to Avoid Them) and/or The Science Scoop on more than 39 Terrifying Phenomena: "Reluctant readers, especially, will find Murphy's chatty, lighthearted approach appealing, enjoyable and informative. (source notes, index) (Nonfiction. 8-12)"[7]
  • Inventions (2009)
  • Small Steps (2009)
  • Turning Points: Science (2010)
  • Science Sorted: Space, Black Holes and Stuff (2010)
  • Science Sorted: Evolution, Nature and Things (2010)
  • Do Bugs Have Bottoms? (World Book Day 2011) – Science Museum series[a]
  • Will Farts Destroy the Planet? (2011) – Science Museum series[a]
  • Science Sorted: Brains, Bodies, Guts and Stuff (2011)
  • Science Sorted: Robots, Chips and Techno Stuff (2011), Science Sorted series
  • Does Farting Make You Faster? (2012)
  • Supergeek: Robots, Space and Furry Animals (2014)
  • Supergeek: Dinosaurs, Brains and Supertrains (2014)
  • Poo! What Is That Smell? (2014)
  • Space: The Whole Whizz-Bang Story, illustrated by Mike Phillips (Pan Macmillan, 2014), Science Sorted series
  • Evolution: The Whole Life-On-Earth Story (2014)
  • Bodies: The Whole Blood-Pumping Story (2014)
  • Disgusting Science (2014)


  1. ^ a b c d Murphy's first book Why is Snot Green? (2007) was inspired by questions from visitors to the London Science Museum where he worked.[6] At least four of his books have been published in Britain with "Science Museum" subtitles; in the first case, Why is snot green?: and other extremely important questions (and answers) from the Science Museum. Some library catalogue records attribute responsibility to the Science Museum as well as Murphy (and perhaps illustrator Mike Phillips).
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