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Glenn Rubenstein (born March 2, 1976) is a writer, director, musician, and journalist based in Northern California.


Glenn Rubenstein has been a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, Sports Illustrated for Kids, CNET's (now defunct) GameCenter, Wizard Magazine, and many other national publications. He was one of the original Contributing Editors for Wired Magazine [1], and one of the founding editors at the console section of GameSpot. He has also contributed dozens of reviews and previews to the TechTV/G4 television show X-Play.

He began writing for his hometown paper, The Argus Courier, in 1990 (at the age of 14). His writing has mainly focused on topics relating to video games and technology.

From 1993 to 1995, he co-hosted the nationally syndicated On Computers radio show with Leo Laporte and Gina Smith. He also made frequent appearances on MSNBC's The Site (with Soledad O'Brien), G4's Icons show, and was a frequent guest on Live 105's The Alex Bennett Show

Rubenstein also wrote Sports Gamer: The Guide to Sports Video Games, ISBN 1-930623-22-4.

Rubenstein currently hosts the TWiT LAN Party called Shut Up and Play. It began airing weekly every Sunday at 7pm PST starting on January 15, 2012, and is part of a several hour long LAN Party which includes a grudge match on consoles which features Glenn playing against other TWIT employees and hosts.


As of late 2006, Glenn Rubenstein has also been credited as both a writer and director on many episodes of the web-based video series lonelygirl15. [2].

In early 2007, it was revealed that he is the Puppet Master of the Alternate Reality Game OpAphid, and the creator of the characters OpAphid, Tachyon, and 10033/Brother, for which he also provides the voice. Rubenstein is also credited with writing, directing, and editing all of the OpAphid/Tachyon videos and their crossovers with lonelygirl15. [3]. More recently, OpAphid returned alongside Rubenstein's new characters, Red Earth (Rachel) and LoFiSyndicate, for his new series, RedEarth88.

On October 15, 2007, the New York Times reported that Rubenstein has recently collaborated on a video with Gary Brolsma, as well as Chad Vader's Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan, as a part of Canon's Battle of the Internet Superstars. [4]


Glenn Rubenstein founded and served as the front-man of the rap-pop-rock group Headboard (1995 to 2002). He is credited as the producer on their CD releases, including Brendan Goes to College, The End Is Near and Nothing is Static.

He also wrote and recorded the song "What Time Is It?," which serves as the Tachyon theme song. [5]


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