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Site of Special Scientific Interest
Cliff at Glenthorne Beach.jpg
Glenthorne is located in Somerset
Location within Somerset
Area of Search Somerset & Devon
Grid reference SS800497
Coordinates 51°14′02″N 3°43′13″W / 51.23383°N 3.72018°W / 51.23383; -3.72018Coordinates: 51°14′02″N 3°43′13″W / 51.23383°N 3.72018°W / 51.23383; -3.72018
Interest Geological
Area 13.3 hectares (0.133 km2; 0.051 sq mi)
Notification 1989 (1989)
Natural England website

Glenthorne (grid reference SS800497) is a 13.3 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in the parish of Oare within the Exmoor National Park, on the border of Somerset and Devon, notified in 1989.

Glenthorne is a Geological Conservation Review site because of the Trentishoe Formation of the Hangman Sandstone Group. The Hangman Sandstone represents the Middle Devonian sequence of North Devon and Somerset.[1] These are unusual freshwater deposits in the Hangman Grits, which were mainly formed in desert conditions.[2]


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