Glenview High

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Glenview High
Starring Grigor Taylor
Rebecca Gilling
Elaine Lee
Ken James
Bill Kerr
Camilla Rountree
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 39
Location(s) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Running time 50 minutes
Production company(s) Grundy Television Productions
Original network Seven Network
Original release 27 September 1977 – 24 February 1979

Glenview High is an Australian television drama series produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation for the Seven Network between 1977 and 1978.


An early high school drama, English teacher Greg Walker (Grigor Taylor) transfers from the country to Glenview High, a tough high school in Sydney. He clashes with rebellious students Tony Moore (Brandon Burke) and Danny Smith (Brett Hinch [1]). Despite his toughness, Tony had a grudging respect for Mr Walker while Danny was only interested in being popular with the female students.

Other staff at the school were efficient yet sympathetic principal Margaret Gibson (Elaine Lee), and cynical science teacher Harry Carter (Bill Kerr) who regarded all students as the enemy.

Greg's home life was also shown. He moved in with his brother Tom (Ken James), who boarded platonically with flight attendant Robbie Dean (Rebecca Gilling) and the ditzy Jill Beamish (Camilla Rountree).

Guest stars[edit]

Many popular Australian actors had guest starring roles in episodes. They included:

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